Google denies to remove Saudi govt app that allows men to track women

It seems like the tech behemoth Google is apparently neglecting gender discrimination as the company has refused to remove...

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Mar 4 · >

PTA urges WhatsApp users to enable two-step verification

Your WhatsApp can be hijacked by anyone having the authentication code WhatsApp provided you, to make sure that you...

Feb 28 · >

This Pakistani civil judge is using voice-to-text technology to record court proceedings

For the first time in the history of Pakistan’s judiciary, an ambitious civil judge, Asim Hafeez Chaudhry from Sialkot’s...

Feb 27 · >

Lahoris can now register complaints regarding waste management using this app

Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) — the company with the ambition of cleaning Lahore like never before, has recently...

Feb 27 · >

Govt mulls developing mobile apps to boost education sector

While the world looks for a disrupting Uber-like startup in the education industry, Pakistan has started thinking about developing...

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Feb 26 · >

A Saudi app used for spying on women, Abasher is under investigation

The government-owned Abasher app is a huge database of Saudi women. It lets their husbands or fathers track their...

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Feb 14 · >

Weather apps are selling our location data to the highest bidder

The City of Los Angeles has sued The Weather Channel for covertly mining user location data and selling them...

Jan 7 · >

Twitter is sweeping fake accounts and people are losing followers

If you have seen a sudden drop in your Twitter followers it’s not probably because someone unfollowed you, it’s...

Jul 12 · >

Microsoft to give more parental control to monitor apps and device usage

Microsoft has announced a number of new features that will allow parents to monitor the apps their kids are...

Jun 1 · >

Apple starts removing apps that share your location with third parties

Apple has reportedly started cracking down against apps that share users’ location to third parties without their explicit consent....

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May 9 · >

What’s all the fuss about Google’s new game: Emoji Scavenger Hunt

Google has a new game to play with you! Hell yeah! I mean it. After bringing Where’s Waldo to...

May 7 · >

France to build its own encrypted messenger due to surveillance risk

The digital ministry of France said on Monday, that the French government is developing its own encrypted messenger service...

Apr 17 · >

Apple App Store has more revenue while Google Play Store has more downloads, survey

The year 2018 started with the strongest quarter, the app economy has ever seen, shattering the previous records set...

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Apr 12 · >