Jazz employees can now work from home once a week, policy applied nationwide

As mobile devices, high-speed internet and video-conferencing technology become more widespread, telecommuting jobs are also becoming more common. The...

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Apr 2 · >

Jazz introduces a new LTE carrier to become 4G+ telecom operator

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, has recently introduced a new LTE carrier, L900, in Islamabad to help with...

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Mar 18 · >

Is there a chance for Ufone?

After much of a delay, Ufone finally launched the next generation 4G internet services for its consumers. Considering a...

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Feb 13 · >

There are more than 61 million 3G/4G users in Pakistan, according to PTA

According to the latest stats released by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, 3G/4G users have crossed the 61 million mark in...

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Jan 30 · >

Pakistan now has more than 60 million mobile broadband users

Recent statistics released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) show that more than 3.94 million 3G/4G users were added...

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Nov 23 · >

Leaders must build people skills that technology cannot replace, Head of People & Organization at Jazz

At Davos World Economic Forum 2017, a Pakistani asked Jack Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of China-based Alibaba...

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Oct 22 · >

Jazz wins Pakistan’s fastest mobile network speedtest award From Ookla

The Speedtest award from Ookla goes to Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company. Ookla, an independent global leader in...

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Sep 10 · >

Jazz Super 4G is technologically superior & much faster than the rest

Jazz Super 4G is technically the most advanced 4G in the country as it operates on the highest spectrum...

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Aug 30 · >

JazzCash achieves 4 million active Mobile Account subscribers

JazzCash has achieved yet another milestone by achieving four million active Mobile Account subscribers. In addition, transaction values have...

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Aug 13 · >

Jazz to invest in KPITB and World Bank projects to promote digitization

Jazz has embarked on a journey to further digitalize Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) in partnership with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology...

Jul 30 · >

Jazz reaches 55 Million subscribers

Jazz has further cemented its position as the country’s leading digital communications company after announcing it now serves 55...

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Jun 6 · >

Pakistan’s central bank approves local lending to a telecom services company

An emerging to telecom tower-sharing services company, edotco Pakistan Private Limited (edotco PK) has successfully obtained approval from the State...

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May 16 · >

ZTE no longer serving Pakistani Telecom companies following US ban

ZTE – the well-known Chinese company operating in carrier networks, terminals, and telecom internationally – had been serving all...

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Apr 26 · >