Google Drive and Photos will stop working jointly from next month

Google is bringing some changes that will certainly annoy some power users. The search giant Google has recently announced...

Jun 17 · >

Samsung bug is sending your photos to your contacts without your consent

Samsung users have reported a bug that sends photos to your contacts without your consent as reported by Android...

Jun 28 · >

Facebook is planning to fix your close-eyed photos by using AI

The social media giant is on the continuous track of evolving its service. With each passing day, Facebook is...

Jun 21 · >

Taking photos harms ability to remember the actual subject, research

While we are getting rumors of smartphones getting the triple-lens rear cameras and becoming eager to snap richer quality...

Jun 3 · >

Google Photos rolling out ‘Smiles of 2017’, a look back at your selfies

Google is not much popular in presenting your photos in a video demonstration, unlike Facebook which is quite popular...

Dec 26 · >

[Photos] Here’s your first look at Nokia 9 and Nokia 2

Nokia is reportedly working on two new smartphones, Nokia 9 and Nokia 2. Nokia 9 is a high-end phone...

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Sep 18 · >

Facebook allows users to grab 360-degree photos inside its app

Social media company Facebook has rolled out another update for its users, allowing them to capture 360-degree photos inside...

Aug 24 · >

Google can now erase watermarks from photos with its new Algorithm

Google researchers have developed an Algorithm to erase watermarks from a photo. The newly created Algorithm can automatically detect...

Aug 21 · >

Nokia 2 photos leaked

Nokia is all set to launch its upcoming flagship Nokia 8 this month. However, Nokia 8 will not be...

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Aug 4 · >