Apple finally wins 4-year legal battle to ban Samsung devices

Four years ago, Apple claimed that Samsung was infringing upon its patents. Now, after a very public legal battle,...

Jan 20 ·>

Samsung grabs 100 Awards at Consumer Electronics Show 2016

Samsung Electronics has won 38 CES 2016 Innovation Awards and more than 60 Best of CES Awards at the...

Jan 11 ·>

Samsung announces a wonder 2TB T3 portable SSD

Samsung has taken the stage of CES to announce 2TB T3 portable solid state drive (SSD), a premium, compact...

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Jan 7 ·>
Samsung SSD T3

Samsung loses the case for copying iPhone features

Few years back it was reported that Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung for copying iPhone features. In a...

Sep 18 ·>

Viral Pakistani video explains how relatives abroad send us expensive phones

“Is that the latest iPhone?” “Yes, my aunt brought it for me from America when she came last month!”...

Sep 8 ·>

Samsung opens a new “Experience Zone” in Fortress, Lahore

Samsung Pakistan has opened an “Experience Zone” in Fortress Square Mall, Lahore. The inauguration ceremony was held on 4th...

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Sep 7 ·>
Samsung Pakistan

Samsung is giving away their smartphones for a 30-day test drive to iPhone Users

Samsung is hoping to convert hardcore iPhone fans to Samsung by offering a free one-month test drive. For the...

Aug 22 ·>

Samsung beats Apple with the most smartphones sold worldwide

Gartner, a competitive American research group, has released 2015’s second quarterly report according to which Samsung comes out on...

Aug 22 ·>

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

It’s a trend in every company that they launch the next versions of their popular smart phones annually. Today...

Sep 4 ·>

HTC vs Samsung: Why HTC Phones are better

We have noticed that whenever people talk about Android their conversations mostly include either a Samsung Device or a...

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Here is a weekly round up of all the latest tech news from round the world for our readers....

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