Windows 10

Universal Windows apps for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger are coming finally

Universal apps for Windows for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger have finally been announced and will be coming to the...

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Mar 31 ·>

Ubuntu is officially coming to Windows 10

Sources close to Canonical and Microsoft have revealed that soon the two companies will be partnering to bring official...

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Mar 30 ·>
Microsoft Linux

Microsoft’s Live Tiles are about to get a whole lot better

The software giant is teasing a significant update to its signature Windows Live Tiles that will make them a...

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Mar 26 ·>

Windows 10 Reaches a whopping 75 Million Devices

Microsoft finally launched Windows 10 last month and despite some glitches in updating for some people, the PC Operating...

Aug 27 ·>
10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 3