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Windows 10 is no longer supported on Intel Atom PCs

Microsoft has officially confirmed that Windows 10 updates won’t be coming to Intel Atom PCs anymore. Intel Atom PCs...

Jul 20 ·>
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Ubuntu is now available to download on the Windows Store

Ubuntu is now available to download on the Windows Store. Back in May, along with the announcement of Microsoft...

Jul 11 ·>
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Microsoft’s Windows Fluid Design: Let’s explore the Windows 10 new UI

Microsoft has been teasing changes to the Microsoft Windows 10 user interface before it finally unveiled the new interface...

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Jul 7 ·>

Windows 10 will let you schedule and pause updates installation, no more unexpected reboots

Windows 10 will let users schedule the installation of an update and pause it. Microsoft is giving more flexibility...

Mar 2 ·>
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Windows 10 will let you watch videos as you work & lock your PC when you’re away

Microsoft has released the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15031 which will let you do more at once...

Feb 9 ·>
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Windows 10 reaches 400 million devices as growth slows down after free upgrade time period expires

Windows 10 has seen enormous growth due to numerous improvements over previous versions and an offer for one year...

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Sep 26 ·>
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Here’s how you can still get Windows 10 for free

Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade offer ended on Friday, the 29th of July. Luckily, there’s a loophole through which...

Aug 2 ·>

Windows 10 Anniversary Update to roll out from August 2

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 will be getting a major update on the 2nd of August. Many...

Aug 1 ·>

Windows 10 free upgrade will be ending in a few hours

Today marks one year since the launch of Windows 10. This also means that Microsoft’s offer for a free...

Jul 29 ·>
10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 1

Microsoft sets a countdown for end of Windows 10 free upgrade

There are only eight days to go! If you are a Windows user who is already on the latest...

Jul 21 ·>
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Microsoft nags its users for free Windows 10 update for the last time

Microsoft is nagging its users one last time before the Windows 10 free upgrade offer expires on 29th of...

Jul 4 ·>
10 reasons to try out Windows 10 - 1

5 things to expect from Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The first preview for the much awaited Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been announced by Microsoft executive, Yusuf Mehdi....

Jun 30 ·>
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Microsoft’s free upgrade to Windows 10 offer ends July 29th

Microsoft has announced that it will be ending the free Windows 10 upgrades on July 29th. If you’re still...

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May 5 ·>
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