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Twitter may add a popup while liking a misinformed tweet

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram · 44 sec read>

Twitter previously announced that it was working on multiple features to control the spread of misinformation on its platforms using different types of labels. The main feature was a label that would pop up if someone tried to share a misinformed tweet so people would retweet less misinformed tweets especially with the elections coming up.

A new feature discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer who actively reveals new features in Twitter, shows that the company might be adding the labels just like the ones that appear when you try to retweet a misinformed tweet.

The popup won’t stop you from actually liking the tweet but it will slow down and may even convince users not to like those posts stopping the cycle of spreading such tweets.

Twitter even added more warnings and restrictions on tweets from U.S. political figures, including candidates and campaign accounts, as well as other U.S-based accounts so that their platform could not be used as a tool by political figures to manipulate their voters using wrong information.

Twitter has reportedly confirmed that this feature is in development but they did not comment when they will be releasing the feature for global users.