2018 iPhone models will have bigger batteries

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iPhone X

Ming-Chi Kuo an analyst from KGI securities has revealed another update regarding the 3 iPhone models expected to be launched in 2018. He has mentioned that the 6.5 inch and 5.8 inch OLED iPhones will have increased battery capacity and bigger size as well.

Currently, iPhone X supports an L-shaped battery structure owing to design constraints. It is predicted that the upcoming OLED variants of the iPhone will have the same structure but Apple has been able to figure out more space for the battery hence bigger battery variants will be added.

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KGI has predicted that the 5.8 inch iPhone will have 2,900 mAh and the 6.5 inch variant will have 3,000 mAh battery capacity. The current iPhone X boasts 2,716 mAh battery juice which means that 10% of more battery juice is expected of the 2018’s models.

Over the years, smartphones have continued to evolve with better designs, bezel less screen, efficient features, and optimal size yet the battery hasn’t evolved much. Owing to this, the smartphones are becoming smarter and their battery consumption has increased manifolds yet users have to compromise on the same battery juice offered over the years. There has clearly been a lack of innovation on battery’s front but smartphone manufacturers now have realized its importance and are considering it the next big avenue for boosting smartphones sales.

iPhones upcoming 2018 variants will have comparatively better battery life. On the other hand, Samsung has recently developed a battery using graphene ball material which will increase battery capacity by 45% and charging by 5 times.

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