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Google Introduces Generative AI to Search in India and Japan

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  58 sec read >
First launched in the United States, Google generative AI Search will show text and image results or even summaries based on user prompts

Google just announced that it has launched generative artificial intelligence to its search tool for users in India and Japan. The generative AI, similar to the ones used by many other browsers will show text, image and summary results in response to user prompts, making it easier to find specific answers and saving the time they would have spent scrolling through web pages.

Now launched in India and Japan, Google AI search features were first launched in the United States and Google has been giving users the choice to opt-in or out of the feature, moreover Japanese users were also able to use the feature in their local language.

Indian and American versions of the feature however were available in English, which is fair considering India has a large English-speaking population.

Google Search AI features are often confused with Google Bard, which is Google’s very own AI Chatbot and has the ability to have human-like conversations or even generate code or help you with your assignments.

Integrated with Google Search AI will definitely prove to be revolutionary, saving millions of collective hours in search time.

Both Google and Microsoft are competing hard to win more customers in the AI industry, Microsoft however, having a partnership with ChatGPT creators ‘OpenAI’ are leading the race and have been noticing a daily increase in the number of people using the edge browser.


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