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‘Urgent’ call for US drone register, should this worry us too?

The United States Transport secretary has stated that “A national register of drones and their owners is urgently needed”....

Oct 22 ·>

Amazon targets 1,114 ‘fake reviewers’ in Seattle lawsuit

Amazon will be suing around 1000 people who have posted fake reviews about its product on some other websites....

Oct 19 ·>

Travly Service Launched in Lahore: “Uber-like” app for Rickshaws

A new startup Travly incubated in Plan9 (and PlanX) Lahore, has launched the localized version of Uber for “Rickshaws”. The...

Oct 19 ·>

Professional Certifications: Are these really the career boosters anymore?

“When you make a name for yourself, it will trump out any certifications you might also have!” – James...

Oct 19 ·>

Pakistani Startups need to raise the bar as neighboring countries move ahead with pace!

Left to right: Mohammad Noresi, founder of Hamijoo, Nazanin Daneshvar, founder of Takhfifan and Tabassom Latifi, founder of Mamanpaz,...

Oct 15 ·>

Pakistani Inventors gear up for the second “Drone for Good” competition!

Believe it or not, that whizzing sound does make you all goose bumpy and excited. Just 6 months ago...

Oct 13 ·>

Work from home policy for women by PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or more commonly known as PTA has initiated a policy for its women employees. The women...

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Oct 12 ·>

Alert: Submarine Cable fault may cause slow internet for Pakistan Internet users

In a recent tweet, PTCL has just announced that the submarine cable has been faulted with bandwidth scarcity on...

Oct 12 ·>
Slow connection as a snail

Meet the education startup teddict and teenage trio behind it

“Are you scared, if something goes wrong about this dream of yours?” “No we are not!” This was the...


Karandaaz and Meezan Bank to inject 9 Billion PKR in Small Businesses

Karandaaz and Meezan Bank has signed an agreement to inject 9 Billion PKR as an investment in small and...

Oct 6 ·>

7 type of Pakistani Software Testers we all have known

If you wish to question about types of QA Engineers or Software testers then the answers are provided here...

Oct 6 ·>
Software Testing

7 life-lessons for startups from Veqar Islam’s talk at NestIO

Veqar Islam’s talk at The Nest I/O proved to be an awesome learning experience for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals...


Artificial Intelligence is not a 1 hour lecture for students anymore

It can be a very long article, and I shall try to shorten it down. In actuality of it...

Oct 2 ·>