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OnePlus to disable feature that allows users to see through some thin materials

The OnePlus 8 Pro was launched on the 14th of April, earlier this year. Since then, the flagship has...

Major security flaw discovered in Thunderbolt-equipped devices

Security Researcher Björn Ruytenberg at Eindhoven University of Technology has exposed a massive hole in the security of all...

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May 12 · >

Zoom to add end-to-end encryption for its paying customers

After numerous reports of the glaringly obvious holes in their security plans, Zoom, the American communications technology company, set...

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May 11 · >

Samsung to launch a Samsung Pay debit card

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung has announced the release of a Samsung Pay debit card, which will come...

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May 10 · >

Google’s ‘Read Along’ app for kids is now available in 180 countries

Google has decided to launch an early access version of their ‘Read Along’ application; an app which encourages children...

May 8 · >

Sonos unveils three new speakers and a new app

Sonos, an American Audio Company, has released three new smart speakers and a new iteration to their mobile application....

May 7 · >

Government relief funds help Pakistan’s low-income sector amid corona lockdown

As one of the emerging countries of the world, Pakistan has almost 24 percent of their residents below the...

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May 6 · >

Amendments made in the Companies Act, 2017 to “promote and nurture startups,” approved by President Alvi

The Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has issued a press release saying the President of Pakistan, Dr...

May 5 · >

Karavan Podcast: A new show about Pakistan’s Startup ecosystem

Since the start of the 21st Century, the world has entered a whole new era: an era commonly known...

Apr 29 · >

USGS releases ‘most comprehensive geologic map of the moon ever’

NASA has been talking about its expeditions back to the moon pretty much since that successful Apollo 11 mission,...

Apr 25 · >

Air Pollution levels fall significantly amid COVID-19 lockdown

Several different news analyses show that not only is this COVID-19 lockdown preventing the spread of a potentially lethal...

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Apr 24 · >

Nintendo Switch owners face security vulnerabilities

Nintendo user have recently been victims of a series of fraudulent attacks. People have reported mysterious hackings into their...

Apr 23 · >

TorchServe, an Open Source Model Server for PyTorch Launched by Facebook and AWS

Amazon Web Services, in collaboration with Facebook, have announced two new projects for the renowned Deep Learning library, PyTorch....

Apr 22 · >