Facebook Report Reveals Statistics of Pakistan and Other Govts’ Requests and Content Restrictions

Facebook is one of the international entities that claim to take the matters of its users’ privacy and security...

Apr 13 ·>

Govt. Refuses to Delay 3G/4G Licenses’ Auction Against the Advice of Senate Committee

It appeared, albeit momentarily, that the auction process of 3G/4G licenses to telecom operators had hit another obstacle after...

Apr 11 ·>

What is “Heart Bleed” and How it can affect you?

The Heart bleed bug has been a hot topic for the past few days, and for a good reason...

Apr 10 ·>

Hotel Booking Service “Jovago” launched in Pakistan by Rocket Internet

Germany-based internet incubator and venture capital firm—Rocket Internet—is one of the largest global entities that are interested in Pakistan’s...

Apr 9 ·>

White Hat Bug Reporting: How a Hacker Received $33,500 and a Job Offer by Facebook

Facebook is one of the major internet giants that award the “white hat bug hunters” who find security flaws...

Apr 6 ·>

Mobile E-Book Suite Readmill to Shut Down on July 1st Following Dropbox Acquisition

Three years and a successful mobile app later, the Berlin-based startup that developed the famous mobile reading and sharing...

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Apr 3 ·>

LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship – Everything you need to know!

LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship Calls for ‘Entrepreneurship Challenge 2014’ Applications We brought you the news of LUMS Center for...

Apr 3 ·>

4th Cycle for Plan9 Launchpad Series: All that you need to know

The Plan9 Tech Incubator by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) can easily be regarded as the best portal for...

Apr 2 ·>

6th ComNet ‘14 Concludes at UIT, Karachi

The sixth yearly installment of the National Conference on Information & Communication Technology, also known as ComNet ’14, was...

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Apr 1 ·>

Google Kicks Off the April Fools’ Pranks with Pokémon Challenge and ‘Gmail Shelfie’

Alongside its well-known and widely-used services, Google produces some elaborate hoaxes around the year to fool its users, and...

Apr 1 ·>
Google April Fool

SMS ’14 – Social Media Summit for Social Change

Forget the Oscar selfie, the new talk of the town is the SMS ’14 selfie that features US Ambassador...

Mar 31 ·>

The Best of Geek Week ‘14

Event Details and Highlights Geek Week is one of the best loved technology competitions in the country and this...

Mar 30 ·>
Geek Week

QMobile leads Smartphones Import in Pakistan!

While the actual figures are scant, this Express Report can help put things into perspective. According to uncited sources,...

Mar 29 ·>