8 reasons why Patari Music is an opportunity missed by Telenor and Jazz Digital Teams

As I write this opinion, I am listening to one of my favorite childhood song — Chahat by Ali...

Jan 17 ·>

IT and Medical Science together form the future

Scores of years ago, physicians, doctors and other medical professionals were the only ruling body in the realm of...

Dec 29 ·>

Pakistani Entrepreneurs, this is why you should go and explore Silicon Valley

I went to see and discover Silicon Valley (no, not the HBO one, the real one) in October 2016...

Dec 20 ·>

The Internet of Things could revitalize Pakistan’s IT Industry

With countless applications both in the industrial and commercial sphere, IOT devices are becoming a go-to option for most...

Dec 19 ·>
Internet of Things

You don’t assure quality by testing

IT world is predominantly under the impression that software testing is the engine that drives software quality. Developers often...

Nov 23 ·>

The pathetic state of ecommerce in Pakistan

Ecommerce industry has evolved over the last couple of years which is a great and much-needed step towards digitization...

Nov 21 ·>
Daraz Black Friday

Google is moving away from Nexus values with Android 7.1 and Pixel devices

Google has released Android 7.1 change log and it strengthens one thing; Pixel phones are not a direct replacement...

Oct 6 ·>

Careem unveils its new logo

Careem, ride-hailing service, has unveiled the new logo of its brand along with a tagline ‘Chalo, Let’s go’. The...

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This video on technology industry truly represents the state of Gender Diversity in Pakistani Workplaces

Punjab Information Technology Board has just recently released a video championing the promotion of Information Technology Industry of Pakistan....

Sep 15 ·>
Umar Saif

4 reasons I think Uber’s surge pricing makes sense

Being a Pakistani citizen, you might have a very good idea about the condition of public transport in Pakistan. There...

Sep 10 ·>

5 highest paying programming languages right now

If you are a programmer and about to enter the market for job search, an important concern for you...

Sep 7 ·>

Is buying a Chromebook in Pakistan worth it?

When it comes to buying laptops, most people think there are only two options – Windows or MacBooks. While...

Sep 7 ·>

Gmail Advertising Stats for India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka

Gmail can arguably be termed as the most popular and most handy email service nowadays. Even though Google was...

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