iPhone7 Rumor Roundup: 6 things to expect

It’s that time of the year at last, iPhone7 is launching. Some people are excited, while some don’t care...

Sep 6 ·>

One important thing many startup founders easily ignore

A couple of days ago, I met a colleague and a mentor after 4 years. Things were very different...

Sep 1 ·>

5 Reasons why ecommerce businesses have a promising future in Pakistan

As the world increasingly transforms into a global village, it is paving its way to allow people and businesses...

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Official Statement for our users, Shahmir Khan, CEO Travly

Dear friends, sympathizers, foes, and haters, Thank you once again for trending us all over the internet. We have...

Aug 13 ·>

Dear hiring manager, please read this.

Dear hiring manager, congratulations! You have hired a top notch individual with a salary half of his worth. You...

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This Magic is your only hope to grow professionally fast

Let me state the conclusion first: To grow professionally you need to know magic. One magic trick in particular you need to...

Jul 25 ·>

How I created a hardware startup in Pakistan in 2 days and what it taught me

Approximately one year ago (April 2015), my city— Lahore— hosted Pakistan’s first IoT expo. As I was tinkering with...

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A message for our readers from Saad Mughal, Gadgets Expert

Hello, readers! I am Saad. Here at TechJuice, we look to keep you informed with the latest news and...

Jul 14 ·>

Mobilink and Warid, Mergers that kill brands

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has approved what is the first major merger in the history of mobile...

Jul 13 ·>

Postmortem of My First Startup

Like many programmers and developers, I have also been inspired by the glorious entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg,...

Jul 2 ·>
Startup Postmortem

The Best & Worst Of Daraz Mobile Week

June has been a significant month for ecommerce venture Daraz. One, their Mobile Week turned out to be massively...

Jul 1 ·>
Samsung Galaxy A7

Are we doing hackathons the wrong way in Pakistan?!

Before answering this we should understand what a hackathon is, A hackathon is essentially a programming event in which...

Jun 23 ·>
I Am Karachi Hackathon

A letter from the publisher, Fatima Rizwan

Hello readers! Today we have moved TechJuice to SSL. Which means that now your sessions on TechJuice will be...

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