The Best Discounts You Can Get With Your Student Email Address

From submitting assignments at the last minute to pulling an all-nighter before the final exam and even appearing for...

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Student offer

Top Best College Laptops for Students in 2022

If you’re a college student, having a good laptop can help you ace your exams while relaxing with streaming...

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Best laptops for Students

Forgot Your Wi-Fi Password? Here is The Best Way to Get it Back

If you are someone who has accidentally clicked forget WIFI password on one of your devices but can’t remember...

Aug 18 ·>
Wifi Restore

Best Proven Strategies for Crypto Trading – 2022

Simply put, cryptocurrency or crypto refers to ownership of anything that functions digitally or electronically and uses encryption to...

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Best Learning Sites for Kids – 2022

Finding relevant educational websites for children might be difficult. In the world of the Internet, many children’s websites include...

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5 Best Laptops Under 100k in Pakistan – 2022

Purchasing a new laptop has become increasingly challenging as new models enter the market daily. So, picking a laptop...

Aug 13 ·>
laptops under 100k

7 Smartphones that you can buy under 100k in Pakistan 2022

New phones are launched every day, and sometimes it can be confusing which phone to buy even if you...

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Carpooling Saves Both The Environment and Fuel Costs: Here are its Advantages and Disadvantages

Almost every office these days have a group of colleagues that carpool and make their conveyance to the workplace...

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12 Independence Day Celebration Suggestions For Offices in 2022

Pakistan is a mixture of distinct people belonging to different cultures, regions, caste, geographical regions, ethnicity, and gender. Yearly,...

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Independence day

9 Best Online Jobs College Students Can Do To Earn Money in 2022

If you are a college student and finding the right online job to better utilize your skills then this...

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The Top Shows on Netflix; August 2022

Netflix has become so jam-packed with tv shows and series that you can not decide what you should watch....

Aug 6 ·>
Netflix Shows

The Top Movies On Netflix; August 2022

Netflix uploads new shows and movies every week, yet we still somehow managed to can’t find anything to watch....

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Netflix Movies

Utopia or everyday life? Why it is too early to talk about metaverse

For the first time, the term “metaverse” was mentioned in Neil Stevenson’s fiction novel “Avalanche” in 1992. In the...

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