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Facebook took to Twitter to announce it was down, and people couldn’t ignore the irony

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Yesterday, the Facebook platform itself and its photo-sharing platform Instagram was down, well, for more than an hour. Since both of the Facebook-owned properties were down and WhatsApp, its third property, doesn’t have social announcements, so Facebook had to turn to Twitter to announce that the services are down and they are working hard to bring them up and running again.

The Twitterati couldn’t ignore the irony and shared their thoughts on Facebook and Instagram is down.

While some other users were surprised to see so much ‘rush’ of Facebook folks on Twitter.

Some felt Facebook is embarrassing itself

God knew people have too much time at their expense and probably existential crisis will kick in.

Some realized that they finally can be mindful and take care of their basic needs.

MYSPACE was mentioned and remembered too.

and then Facebook was up again and we all got back to our normal life of useless scrolling and stalking on Facebook.

Written by TechJuice
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