Over 59,000 URLs Are Blocked In Pakistan To Date:By PTA

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According to the official news, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has processed 59,253 URLs related to Sectarian complaints/Hate Speech for blocking.

According to the reports, 40,548 URLs were processed against Facebook, where 35,376 were blocked. Twitter came in second with 10,873 and 5,764 blocked URLs.

However, under Section 37(1) of the Prevention Of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 (PECA), the authority can either remove, block, or issue directions for the removal or blocking of any account.

Moreover, the authority can remove or block any information that seems inappropriate or if it is necessary for the interest of the glory of Islam or the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof.

However, the authority is also responsible for taking action if it considers against any public order, morality or decency, or contempt of court or commission of or incitement to an offence under PECA.

In addition, PTA has processed 59,253 URLs related to Sectarian or Hate Speech so far for blocking (based on complaints and proactive search where necessary).


Below are the specifics about the links that were processed in this regard:

URL Blocking Summary Of Secretariat/Hate Speech To Date

Platform Total processed Blocked Still accessible Rejected
Dailymotion 8 7 1
Facebook 40,548 35,376 4,040 1,132
Instagram 103 89 8 6
Others/mis 345 299 46
SnackVideo 6 6
Likee 60 60
Twitter 10,873 5,764 4,745 365
Tiktok 190 183 5 2
YouTube 7,120 5,890 781 449
Total 59,253 47,674 9,626

Therefore, under Section 37(2) of PECA, Federal Government has approved the Removal and Blocking of Inappropriate online content (Safeguard, Oversight, and Procedure), Rules 2021. Though, the same has been gazette notified on 13th October 2021.

Hence, the regulations above set forth safeguard, procedure, and mechanism for the Authority’s PECA granted authority to block or remove access to unlawful online content through any information system.

According to PTA, a section of the rules describes blocking or removing online content.

Glory Of Islam

Whosoever, by words, spoken, written, visual representation or by any imputation directly or indirectly defiles the name of the Holy Prophet (SAW), his family, the Caliphs or companions.

Furthermore, the security of Pakistan has been accorded the meaning provided within Article 260 of the Constitution of Pakistan, which is the safety, stability, welfare and integrity of Pakistan and each part of Pakistan.

Hence, when it comes to decency and morality if the online content constitutes an act which is an offence under sections 292, 293,294 and 509 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Alas, If the online content constitutes an act which is an offence under Chapter VI of the Pakistan Penal Code, ranging from waging a physical war against Pakistan, or conspiring to wage biological warfare against Pakistan, it can be blocked or removed by the authority

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