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Indonesia intent on achieving $50bn e-commerce trade with Pakistan by 2025

Indonesia has big plans for its e-commerce ambitions and those plans involve Pakistan. According to Ambassador of Indonesia to...

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Nov 22 · >

Government Is Introducing A Conducive Environment For E-commerce Startups

In recent news, the Ministry of Commerce organized a one-day Virtual E-Commerce Youth Conference with the Kamyab Jawan Program...

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Aug 7 · >

Government hastily introduces Internet tax expected to hurt freelancers, takes it back in wake of severe backlash

The PTI government presented its third budget valued at Rs. 8,487 billion on Friday, amidst the usual sloganeering and...

Jun 13 · >

Pakistani sellers are over the moon for Amazon listing but FBR could be knocking at their door

You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the Grim Reaper! He doesn’t disappear…he catches up....

May 24 · >

P@SHA commends the NeCC’s efforts for enabling Pakistani Sellers’ access to Amazon

The Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), in a press release issued on May 21, 2021, commended the efforts of...

May 21 · >

Amazon’s Pakistani employees convinced the retail giant to allow Pakistani sellers, Badar Khushnood

“Overseas Pakistanis working at Amazon helped build the case within Amazon to allow Pakistani sellers to register on the...

May 8 · >

Dukan.pk vs Chikoo: How do these e-commerce solutions stack up against each other?

COVID-19 has been a boon for e-commerce startups the world over, with the quarantined masses having had no choice...

Mar 1 · >