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This is how you can check PTCL’s allocated internet speed through admin panel

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I have been using PTCL internet services for a long time. Ever since I remember, we had a PTCL landline connection at our home and naturally when we wanted internet, we opted for PTCL broadband because of its coverage almost everywhere in Pakistan.

Sometime in August this year, my PTCL internet connection was upgraded to 8MB without my approval or any information from PTCL’s end. It was a sweet surprise though. I mean, you are browsing internet and feel that the pages are loading quickly and then you check the internet speed and realize that you have a better package now.

But better package means a little more money on the monthly invoice too. However, I was not bothered by it.

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Anyways, the faster speed lasted for one day and the next day I noticed snail’s pace of internet. The pages were loading slowly and it felt that I am not even getting the original speed.

I logged on to PTCL admin panel.

PTCL Dashboard

I saw something like this in the admin panel. If you look at the first two columns, you will see that the Line Rate for Upstream is 102 Kbps and for Downstream is 1215 Kbps.

This is roughly 1 MB speed not the 8MB package. So I called the customer representative and had a discussion with him. Interestingly, he was persistent that the package is fine and I am getting the promised speed but when I mentioned the line rate, he was caught off guard and agreed that I was indeed right.

So, if you are also facing internet speed issues. It is important to have some basic information of the admin panel so that you can understand what the issue is. In order to login to PTCL internet admin panel, you need to be, ofcourse, connected to the PTCL internet.

  1. Open your browser and type
    1. You will get a pop up for username and password.
      The username will be admin and password will be written beneath your internet device.

      PTCL Dashboard
      PTCL Dashboard
  2. Once logged in click the Device Info menu item and you will be able to see the basic information of your device including the Line Rate.
    1. The line rate tells you internet speed allocated to you from PTCL’s end.PTCL Dashboard

This information is important and will give you a rough idea of if and what is the issue with your internet connection.

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