Bought a new iPhone? Download these applications first!

There is no shortage of Apple fanboys but if you have just acquired a brand new iPhone, here are...

Jun 24 ·>

10 Free Apps for Movie & TV Lovers

Now a days there is an app for almost everything. If you’re a smartphone user you have thousands of...

Jun 24 ·>
TV Shows for Android

5 reasons to go with Google flagship devices

In lieu of the upcoming Google I/O event, the people back at TechJuice have decided it’s due time out...

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10 Best 4G LTE Smartphone Recommendations

When Warid does go ahead with its plan to launch 4G LTE, its 12 million subscribers are likely to...

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Top 10 Reasons To Root Your Android Device

Android 101: Rooting for dummies. Rooting, as the name aptly states, entails gaining access to not only the consumer...

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10 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Let’s say that you qualified for a job and passed the interview stage without making any of these 10...

Jun 17 ·>
10 things to consider

10 Mistakes that will most likely Mess up a Job Interview

1. You’re Nervous and it Shows Job Interviews are a tough business and everybody deals with butterflies in the...

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4 Unknown Uses of Facebook Graph Search

And just when you thought stalking can not get an easier with the invention of social networking, Facebook introduced...

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Top 10 Budget 3G Smartphones for Pakistanis

In keeping with April’s announcements, there is one word now being uttered more often than almost any other. In...

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10 Growth Hacks for Pakistani Startups

As Pakistan finally begins to accept the inevitability of the digital age and starts moving away from the days...

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15 Must-Have Free Smartphone Photography Apps

One of the most popular feature of today’s smartphones is their camera. Almost everyone who owns a camera phone...

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10 Best Productivity Apps for Android Users

Smartphones are popular for gaming and social apps that waste time, but there’s more to phones than just that....

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5 step formula to be more productive and ship projects on time

I often feel that I am good at starting things and not so good at finishing them. It tuns...

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