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Pakistan’s 1st Online Hate Speech Report Launched

The online hate speech report survey in Pakistan has found that 92% of respondents have come across such content...

Jun 10 ·>

Facebook Page of Laal Band Gets Banned in Pakistan

Update: In a remarkable turn of events, the facebook page of Laal Band is restored in Pakistan. Quoting their...

Jun 6 ·>

What’s Trending? – #PoliticalLeadersPasswords

Our first post on “What’s Trending?” became quite popular among the readers. TechJuice has decided to continue the series...

Jun 5 ·>

What’s Trending? – # Altaf Hussain Arrested

This is our new series in which we’ll keep an eye on Pakistani Twitter trends. TechJuice will pick some...

Jun 3 ·>

Twitter Blocks ‘Blasphemous’ Tweets in Pakistan

The online social-networking and microblogging site, Twitter, has honored five requests brought forward by Abdul Batin of Pakistan Telecommunication...

May 23 ·>

New Facebook Feature to Identify Music, TV Shows & Movies

In an official blog post on Wednesday, Facebook announced that it’ll roll out its new feature for the smartphone...

May 22 ·>

Facebook Aims to Make Cleaning Up Malware Easier

People share via social media more than any other channel. But with social media exploits of personal and corporate...

May 22 ·>
facebook malware

The Geo Verdict: Does Social Media Represent the True Voice of People?

The past few weeks have narrowed the noose around Geo’s neck, a massive media organization. On April 23rd, Ministry...


National Assembly Passes Resolution to Lift YouTube Ban

This just in: National Assembly of Pakistan unanimously passes a resolution to lift the ongoing YouTube ban in the...

May 6 ·>

Are we close to YouTube unban in Pakistan?

In a much-awaited turn of events, Senate’s Functional Committee on Human Rights accepted a resolution put forth today regarding...

Apr 21 ·>

Facebook Report Reveals Statistics of Pakistan and Other Govts’ Requests and Content Restrictions

Facebook is one of the international entities that claim to take the matters of its users’ privacy and security...

Apr 13 ·>

SMS ’14 – Social Media Summit for Social Change

Forget the Oscar selfie, the new talk of the town is the SMS ’14 selfie that features US Ambassador...

Mar 31 ·>

Facebook to Acquire Oculus VR, the Virtual Reality Pioneer, for $2 Billion

The heads at Facebook management seem to be on a roll these days, acquiring one business after the other,...

Mar 26 ·>
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