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Methods To Convert Instagram Leads Via A WhatsApp Link, Learn How?

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According to Statics, WhatsApp has almost 2.44 Billion users across the globe till August 2022. WhatsApp is a platform that both big and small businesses use nowadays for communication, so it can be used to convert Instagram leads.

Nowadays, while scrolling through Instagram people also like to shop, which is why a method is required that can make communication simple and help businesses to market their brands. Don’t you think there cannot be a better method to convert these hot leads other than WhatsApp chat?

Even customers appreciate and prefer businesses that have a WhatsApp link, so they can quickly and simply clear their doubts or get support if required. Due to WhatsApp communication, the customers feel that someone is there to listen to them and solve their queries.

Before diving deep in, let’s first understand how WhatsApp is helpful for your business.

A Brief View Of WhatsApp Link For Instagram

Via a WhatsApp link, you direct your Instagram profile visitors to indulge in a conversation with you on WhatsApp. So you can chat with your potential customers according to your flexibility, inform them of business updates, send promotional messages, demand feedback and solving of surveys and solve their queries.

Additionally, as a business owner, you can also send videos, photos of products, voice messages, and documents directly from the app and provide customer support. Moreover, businesses can use positive feedback messages to create a review section on their Instagram profile to convert their Instagram profile scrolling people to their customers.

So, are you convinced that adding a WhatsApp link on Instagram is beneficial for converting leads? With a click, the customers can address you to ask questions and do not have to wait for days to clear their doubts.

Currently, you learned the advantages now let’s move on to learn to convert your Instagram leads via a WhatsApp link.

How To Convert Instagram Leads Via A WhatsApp Link?

The three methods to convert Instagram leads via WhatsApp link are as follows:

    1.  Attaching WhatsApp Button To Your Business Account On Instagram

whatsapp to instagram

Open your business account on Instagram and click on the “Edit profile” feature on your Instagram options. Afterward, select contact options and click on WhatsApp and give that number that is linked with your WhatsApp and enter the verification code.

Finally, a WhatsApp button will be visible and it will facilitate your Instagram leads to keep you in touch with your company.

    1. Via Boosted Posts

boosted post

You can achieve this by adding your WhatsApp number to the “Contact Options” on your business profile on Instagram and selecting any of the existing posts whose reach you wish to boost. Later on, click on the blue button, and select messages and WhatsApp. Fix a goal, budget, duration, and audience according to age for your advertisement.

But before clicking on creating an advertisement review your objectives because once you, finalize your advertisement it will be live in 24 hours.

    1. Inserting WhatsApp Link To Your Instagram Stories Highlights

whatsapp story

You can easily boost your brand and increase sales via Instagram stories. If you are adding a WhatsApp link to your Instagram story highlights you are assuring that you are always available to answer the queries of your customers.

Before adding links to Instagram stories firstly you need to take care of a few things like having an Instagram business account with more than 10k followers. Then you need to create a new story to upload a WhatsApp icon picture with a 9:16 aspect ratio and then post it as a story and insert your WhatsApp link within that story. For example, Open the link and enter the URL api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=(your phone number in the international format). Take a look at the story you just published and save the story as an Instagram highlight.

Make sure to give that highlight story a name, for example, chat on WhatsApp or some other.

Bonuses of Converting Instagram Leads via A WhatsApp Link

You Build a Contact List

Insta whatsapp

While converting leads via WhatsApp links, you do not need to conge your customer after the delivery of the order. Because of WhatsApp, you are building a long-term relationship with your customer.

By using this method, even you optimize your contact list and import all the contacts to a customer relationship management (CRM), and send plenty of messages easily to your customers. Once a customer from Instagram contacts you on WhatsApp, you can save their number and remain in direct contact with them even after they have successfully received their order.

Perfect User-Experience

When users purchase a product online, they think and worry whether the product will turn out to be good or not. Shoppers are confused about buying and no facility for direct communication makes it more difficult for them to make a decision.

So converting your leads via WhatsApp, you assure your customers that if the product turns out to be faulty you will just be a message away to solve your issue. If your sales increase considerably you can automate customer support.

Furthermore, you can also utilize WhatsApp list messages and custom replies as an answer to frequently asked questions at a fast pace. Hence you can use this chance to start a meaningful conversation with your customers along the journey.

Working on Retention Span

When you introduce various products every day, it becomes difficult to work on your audience’s retention plan. While scrolling Instagram nowadays, we see a bulk of advertisements for brands and are puzzled about whom to choose.

After enchanting your customers with your products and Instagram and bringing them to WhatsApp, you do half of your job. Then, you need to keep updating them about their order and why they need to shop from your brand in the future.

Send feedback forms, urge regarding the launch of new products and establish a strong relationship which boosts their retention span.

When you are doing this try to keep your communication short and meaningful. Likewise, do not send too many messages to your customers spamming them. Strengthen your messages by adding videos, photos, and social proofs. Make sure to personalize them by adding the feel of your brand and a bit of humor.

Use Sales Techniques like Upsell and Cross-Sell

cross selling and up selling

Almost 99% of people open all their WhatsApp messages. When someone buys a product from you or utilizes your services ask them that can you send them updates or not. If they allow then send product catalogs, discount offers, and new launch detail while using sales techniques like upselling and cross-selling.

Suppose, you are sending them updates about your order use that chance to suggest some other products to them. It will be better to get an idea of what they have already bought and suggest similar products. For example,

Hey Peter! We hope the sofa you bought looks good in your living room. Bet your living room may look incomplete without a beautiful wooden table. Click on the link below to check out our new collection of wooden tables available at a 30% discount and with free shipping.

Establish a Worthy Brand


WhatsApp link provides a direct opportunity for your potential buyers to leave a message instead of the website link in the bio. Likewise, your response and brand loyalty also matter. As customers prefer that brand that meets their expectations.

This showcases that your communication is perfect, you get various leads into your inbox which you convert into purchases thereby establishing a worthy brand.

Perfect Purchasing Process


The social commerce industry is booming, and Instagram is the main center for generating sales. Though selling is not enough you need to assure a perfect user experience and solve any of their problems quickly before they choose some other brand. Undoubtedly, you can do this by diverting your traffic to WhatsApp.

If you do not assure an amazing customer experience all your efforts to develop your brand and launch new products will go in vain. Once you place a WhatsApp link on your Instagram profile you do not need to run after your potential customers through DMs to assure they place an order.

A WhatsApp link in your bio develops the credibility of your brand and ensures the trust of people in your brand. Additionally, with the tracking function, you can track progress and use metrics to make decisions.

Common Problems That May Occur While Connecting a WhatsApp Link to Instagram

There are often problems that may occur while adding WhatsApp links to Instagram on social media which are highlighted below:

Instagram does not allow a user to send your URL more than five times a day, if you will do so it will automatically block your Instagram profile. So try not to exceed the limit when you talk to your leads on IG

You might make a mistake by entering the wrong phone number therefore, it is important to double-check the phone number even a minor digit can hinder your sales

You need to be very vigilant while creating the WhatsApp link, even a small single error can affect the link, for example when feeding the number in an international format like “009” or “+480” it needs to be entered without placing any extra character, representing only the country code, that is:009 or 480 and then continue the number

Your URL format needs to be like https://wa.me/480XXXXXXXXXX


Placing a WhatsApp link on your IG profile helps you to provide a value proposition to your brand. You do not require to scout for any other messaging platform or chase potential customers through Direct Messages to lock the deal. You just need to add the link-generating feature; if the price and proposed excite your prospects, they’ll directly get connected to you.

Converting Instagram leads through WhatsApp will be an effective investment for you, no matter whether you are a small business owner or own a well-established brand.

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