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China Assists 35 Pakistani Students To Become e-commerce Owners

China has always been a supportive partner of Pakistan in every field. This time, with the mutual cooperation of...

Nov 22 ·>

Flying Taxis Might Soon Change the World’s Travel Industry

Known as the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the flying taxi can get into the air without...

Nov 22 ·>
flying taxi

Twitter’s Indian Rival ‘Koo’ Gets Over 1 Million Downloads Within 48 Hours of Launch in Brazil

First launched in 2020, the Indian startup just last month crossed over 50 million (5 crore) users all over...

Koo Twitter competition

WhatsApp May Soon Have a Screen Lock for Web Users

WhatsApp has recently been believed to have planned some more privacy features and this time for its for the...

WhatsApp Web screen lock

Elon Musk Promised Live WorldCup Coverage And Commentary But Nothing Happened

Elon Musk promised to give special coverage and commentary for FIFA WorldCup but so far, nothing special has been...

Nov 21 ·>

Updated PTA Taxes For iPhone X,XR,XS and XS Max

iPhone is the most demanding smartphone.iPhone has its own class and high-tech features. No matter, how costly it is...

Nov 21 ·>

184 Gilgit Baltistan Schools Are Being Provided Solar Systems

Gilgit Baltistan Chief Secretary Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani has announced that around 184 schools and colleges are being solarized in...

Nov 21 ·>

Chinese Automakers Target To Increase European Sales With Five Star EVs

Chinese automakers have planned to increase European sales by producing more affordable EVs with high-tech features to the Chinese...

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Nov 21 ·>

Turkey’s 5th Gen TF-X Fighter Jet Arrives In Pakistan Defense Expo

According to the official sources, Turkey displayed it’s scale model of its 5th generation fighter jet TF-X at Pakistan’s...

Nov 21 ·>

First-ever Afghanistan-Made Supercar ‘Mada-9’ Goes Viral on Social Media

A team of supercar enthusiasts and engineers, ENTOP, from Afghanistan has developed a supercar called ‘Mada-9’. A video post...

Nov 21 ·>

How Can You Learn ‘Anything’ From YouTube For Free

A couple of decades earlier, learning a new skill was time-consuming and often simply not worth our while. But...


Fallen Crypto Exchange FTX Owes Over $3.1bn to its Largest Creditors

FTX who filed for bankruptcy just last week revealed that it owes money to over more than one million...


Elon Musk Unbans Donald Trump’s Twitter Account After a Poll

According to CEO Elon Musk, About 15 million people participated in the Twitter poll, 51.8% of them wanted Trump...

Donald Trump Twitter Account unbanned