Now Autonomous Drones will decide who to kill

The U.S. Army recently announced that it is developing the first drone that can spot and target people and...

Apr 21 ·>

Smugglers used drones to illegally transport $80 million worth of iPhones

A unique smuggling act using drones and involving massive quantities of iPhones was brought down by Chinese customs officers...

Apr 4 ·>

Intel taught 250 drones to fly together and it was breathtaking

The tech giant, Intel created a spectacular view of a swarm of 250 mini-drones flying together in the air...

Jan 11 ·>

United Nations wants all drones to be registered, yes yours as well!

The United Nations wants all drones to be listed in a global database. This includes all drones whether they...

Sep 9 ·>

Drone suspected to collide with passenger plane at 1,700 feet

A pilot of a British Airways passenger plane has reported about a possible drone collision mid-air at 1,700 feet,...

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Apr 18 ·>

Rawalpindi Police to use Drones to hunt down Kite Flyers

Rawalpindi Police will now be using camera-fitted drones to hunt kite-flyers and people doing aerial firing. This is one...

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Feb 27 ·>