Rhodes Scholarship program is accepting applications

The scholarship is applicable in 22 countries along with the Global Rhode Scholarship. The first scholarship was offered in...

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Jun 23 ·>

Pakistani team Agrifarm, won the Android Developer Challenge (ADC) 2020

In October Google started an initiative under the heading of Android Developer Challenge. That challenge aimed to peek through...

Jun 23 ·>

Pakistan is considered as the Key Partner in China’s Satellite program

Pakistan is considered as the first country which is using the GPS created by China. The officials posted a...

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Jun 22 ·>

Users will soon manage the app subscriptions directly via Google Play Store

Android 11 Beta was recently launched by Google. The company is trying to make some changes to its app...

Jun 19 ·>

Healthy at Work, a screening system for organizations rolled out by Verily Health Sciences

An app-based health screening system was recently launched by Verily Life Sciences. The aim behind launching the application was...

Jun 19 ·>

Tesla is planning to build a new US based plant

Tesla’s new plant might be constructed in the Texas US facility. The company is all geared up to create...

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Jun 19 ·>

Twitter has launched audio clip option for specific iOS users

Last month Twitter shared a test of the audio clip in tweets. So, today the social media giant has...

Jun 18 ·>

Low dose radiation therapy can be an authentic treatment of COVID-19

Medical trials have initiated on extremely ill patients of COVID 19. Doctors are using a low dose of radiation...

Jun 15 ·>

Windows 10 latest update is full of bugs

Windows 10 has launched a new update in May to a small group of users The update posses many...

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Jun 12 ·>

An Indian IT firm is caught spying on high profile personals worldwide

An Indian IT tech form has been spying on government officials in Europe. The firm is known as BellTroX...

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Jun 11 ·>

Toyota Vietnam all set to import the car spare parts from Pakistan

A spare part company from Pakistan known as AuVitronics is all set to export the spare parts of cars...

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Jun 10 ·>

Researchers are developing AI powered wearable devices and apps that can predict coronavirus symptoms with 90% accuracy

Researchers from West Virginia Rockefeller Neuroscience institute said that they have generated a platform for the detection of the...

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Jun 8 ·>

Exscientia: an Oxford-based biotech company is going to test the AI designed Medicine on humans

The drug was developed entirely by using Artificial intelligence. Exscientia, an Oxford-based biotech company is going to test the...

Feb 3 ·>