Facebook takes a firm action against misleading content about Coronavirus posted on its platform

On Thursday of last week, Facebook posted a statement regarding the removal of misinforming content posted on Facebook by...

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Facebook paid $550 million for settling up Facial Recognition Suit

On Wednesday Facebook posted a statement regarding giving $550 million upon settling a lawsuit filed against its facial recognition...

Jan 31 ·>

Google on the road of making new messaging app that combines it all

According to the report by The Information, Google these days have been working on its tenth messaging app. The...

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Jan 30 ·>

Google Paid off $6.5 million bug bounty to those researchers who fixed and reported serious bugs

It might seem impossible but tech giants like Google pay off the big sum of money to the researchers...

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Jan 30 ·>

London Police is deploying facial recognition technology for surveillance

Last Friday, the officials of London Police announced that very soon the metropolitan police department is going to begin...

Jan 29 ·>

The very first AI event occurred in KSA

Around three hundred graphic designers, data scientists, and artists from over 50 countries attended the AI competition that was...

Jan 28 ·>

Maserati is all geared up to launch its very first hybrid car

Maserati is all ready to launch its hybrid car in the upcoming Beijing show. The hybrid car is going...

Jan 28 ·>

Apple’s plan of ramping up the production of iPhone disrupted with Coronavirus Outbreak

Earlier this year, Apple announced to ramp up the production of iPhone by 10% in the first of the...

Jan 28 ·>

How smartphones can help you in providing active knowledge of Coronavirus

The internet is swamping with the news of coronavirus these days. Most of us have an active knowledge of...

Jan 28 ·>

Amazon workers are raising their voice against company’s record over climate change

Hundreds of Amazon workers are risking their jobs by openly criticizing the company’s record over climate change. On Sunday,...

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Jan 27 ·>

Samsung on the road of developing its own version of Airdrop by Apple

The phone makers of Android are working day and night to develop and release their version of Apple’s Airdrop....

Jan 27 ·>

Boeing finished its first test flight of world’s first twin-engines jet

On Saturday the largest aircraft maker Boeing announced the first test flight of its twin-engines jet. The test flight...

Jan 27 ·>

Amazon achieved the most valuable brand website yet again

Amazon is recognized as the most valuable website of 2020 for the third running year. It is perhaps the...

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