These Pakistani high school students secured 4th position in World Robotic Olympia (WRO)

A robotics project developed by Pakistani students has secured 4th position in the World Robotic Olympia (WRO) held in...

Jan 2 ·>

Robots replace Japanese students at graduation ceremony due to coronavirus

As has been the case all around the world, public events and gatherings have been either canceled or indefinitely...

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Apr 7 ·>

Boston Dynamics parody shows a robot being done with human torture

Boston Dynamics have become extremely famous on social media for sharing videos of their robotic creatures that have many...

Nov 1 ·>

MIT has developed a robot that can “touch and feel” objects

The state of the art in artificial intelligence keeps improving steadily, especially in the domains of image, speech and...

Jun 18 ·>

Researchers have made a lizard-like robot from a 280-million year old fossil

A group of researchers has made a lizard-like robot from a 280-million year fossil of Orobates pabsti which used to exist in...

Jan 18 ·>

50,000 workers in Las Vegas to go on strike in fear of robots taking their jobs

The automation, which is the use of technology to perform tasks with little or without any kind of human...

Jun 1 ·>

This country is spending $1 billion to make Iron Man like Robot army

The US military is investing roughly $1 billion over the next several years for the development of robots like...

May 19 ·>

World’s first bank where robots manage everything

China has recently established a first of its kind bank in Shanghai where everything run entirely by robots who...

Apr 28 ·>

AI-based robots will send mankind to long vacations, Bill Gates

Bill Gates, co-founder Microsoft and the world’s second richest person had earlier been indicating a potential threat to humans’...

Jan 29 ·>

CEO Tesla Elon Musk predicts that AI will be the terminator for human race

Elon Musk, CEO of the famed electric car manufacturer company Tesla is famous for his futuristic claims about the...

Nov 23 ·>

Watch the world’s first robot do backflips [Video]

Yes, you read it right. A robot can now do backflips and can jump different type of obstacles in...

Nov 17 ·>
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Pakistani company has developed an Artificially Intelligent Journalist

We have reported many recent developments that how AI is replacing humans from their workstations and performing various complex...

Oct 25 ·>
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