Samsung offers buy one get one free deal for Galaxy S8, with a trade-in

Samsung in an interesting move has launched an offer for smartphone users. The company has announced buy one get...

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Samsung to recover 157 tons of Gold through Note 7 recycling

Remember the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7? According to Samsung, it will recover 157 tons of gold, silver, cobalt...

Jul 21 ·>

Samsung might have just revealed the Note 8

Samsung‘s upcoming flagship the Note 8 might have just accidentally appeared on the company’s twitter handle. After the Note...

Jul 14 ·>

Samsung chief Lee becomes 45th richest individual on the planet

The tech company Samsung has released its earning figures of Q2, and to much surprise the profit of the...

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Jul 10 ·>

Samsung launches Galaxy J7 Max

Samsung yet again in an impressive move has launched another J-series smartphone named as Galaxy J7 Max, also known...

Jul 10 ·>

Samsung closes second quarter with record-breaking profits

Samsung has just released the figures for their second-quarter earnings and it appears the smartphone manufacturing giant has set...

Jul 10 ·>
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Samsung may release mini Galaxy S8

Korean tech company Samsung is reportedly building a mini Galaxy S8 flagship. According to a media out, The Independent,...

Jul 6 ·>

Samsung launches Galaxy J5 Pro

Samsung has launched another member of the popular J-series of smartphones. J5 Pro, which comes at a price of...

Jul 5 ·>

Samsung is working on a Smart Speaker powered by Bixby

Samsung is also reportedly leveling its wings to join the Smart Speaker race. The South Korean tech giant might...

Jul 5 ·>

Samsung plans to take on memory chip business with $18b investment

Planning to further diversify its business into memory chip domain, Samsung has announced that it will be making another...

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Jul 4 ·>
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Samsung’s new update will let you unlock Windows 10 PC

Samsung has updated its Flow apps which will now let one to unlock Windows 10 PC using Samsung’s phones....

Jul 3 ·>
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Samsung to launch refurbished Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has confirmed that it will be launching refurbished Galaxy Note 7. It is the first official statement by...

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A Galaxy Note 7 deemed safe by Samsung caught fire on Southwest Airlines flight 944 from Louisville to Baltimore. The plane was still on ground and was evacuated quickly after passengers were startled by a smoking Galaxy Note 7. The owner of the phone, Brian Green, told the Verge ( that he had picked up the replacement phone from AT&T store on September 21st. The phone was supposed to be safe to use as it came with a black square symbol on the box (one which Samsung now uses to differentiate safe Note 7 devices) and showed a green battery symbol. [Image:]Green said that as soon as he powered down the device, as requested by the flight crew, his device started emitting a “thick grey-green angry smoke”. He left the phone on the floor and quickly evacuated the flight. The phone burned through the carpet and had even damaged the subfloor of the plane. Green's phone had about 80 percent charge when the accident happened. He said that he had only once used a wireless charger to charge his device. The device is now in the hands of the local fire department for further investigation and Green has replaced his device with a new iPhone 7. In hindsight, that might not have been an entirely good decision as there have been similar incidents where iPhone 7 and 7 plus have caught fire due to battery damage (

Newly released Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 shows that flip phones aren’t going anywhere

Samsung just released the second model of its smart flip phone series, Samsung Galaxy Folder, in Korea. Called Samsung...

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