Samsung is expected to launch new Rose Gold Galaxy S8

Korean tech whiz Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy S8 in a brand new Rose Gold color. The flagship...

Jun 5 ·>
samsung galaxy s8 display

Samsung announces new VR partnerships with UFC and Live Nation

Korean tech behemoth Samsung has announced that the company is partnering with the UFC, XGames, and Live Nation to...

May 31 ·>
Samsung HQ

iPhone 6S beats Galaxy S8 in speed test

Samsung faces humiliation when its newly launched Galaxy S8 lost speed test against iPhone 6S. The test was conducted...

May 25 ·>

Samsung set to demo new stretchable display at SID 2017

For a while now, the tech world has been talking about flexible phones. Samsung always comes up as the...

May 23 ·>

iPhone users are loyal than Android users

iOS users are more loyal to their brand than Android users, reports Morgan Stanley. According to the survey, almost...

May 23 ·>

Network provider rolling out Galaxy S8 and S8+ ‘red tint’ fix

Telus, a network provider company from Canada, has announced that it is rolling out the so-called ‘red-tint’ fix for...

May 8 ·>

Samsung to snatch ‘world’s top chipmaker’ crown from Intel

Korean based tech giant Samsung may decrown world’s top chipmaker Intel in the coming quarter, which has maintained the...

May 3 ·>
Samsung ChipMaker

Tech wizard Samsung gets permission to test its unmanned cars

It turns out that Ford is not the only company trying to achieve excellence in the field of autonomous...

May 2 ·>
Samsung HQ

Samsung finally releases the update to fix the S8 red-tint display issue

Samsung, the South Korean giant, has finally pushed the first update down the Samsung Galaxy S8 pipeline. The update...

Apr 28 ·>

Samsung Galaxy J1 mini prime review

Amidst all the hype about Samsung Galaxy S8 and it’s bigger brother S8 Plus, people often seem to overlook...

Apr 28 ·>

The Note 7 mess didn’t stop Samsung from earning its biggest profit since 2013

Samsung has posted its business earning report of the last quarter. The facts have embezzled the market estimates as...

Apr 27 ·>

Samsung Galaxy S8 display named “best performing display” with highest-ever A+ grade

DisplayMate Technologies has released the results of its comprehensive and independent evaluation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Display, concluding...

Apr 27 ·>
samsung galaxy s8 display

This Samsung app uses emojis to help people with language disorders communicate

They started off as a silly addition to our texts and other messages, but over time, became increasingly popular,...

Apr 25 ·>
Samsung Emoji