Netflix May Soon Let You Play TV Games While Using Your Phone as a Controller

Allowing users to use their phone as controllers, Netflix will finally be able to make its games playable on...

Apr 1 · >

Valve to Release a New CSGO Version to Mark 10 Years

The new version of Counter Strike Global Offensive will reportedly have better graphics and more advanced matchmaking system Valve,...

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Mar 6 · >

Sony Sells Over 30 Million Units of PS5 Globally

PS5 predecessor, PS4 still remains ahead with over 117.2 Million units sold, a major reason for which is the...

Jan 6 · >

2023’s Gaming Will Be Dominated By Strategy-Role-Play Games; 5 Exciting Games to Look Forward to.

Strategy Role Play Games have been around for a long time and are quite liked by regular gamers for...

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Jan 5 · >

Fortnite Chapter 4 Has a New Island, Dirt Bikes, Geralt of Rivia and Many More Exciting Updates

After showcasing the new chapter on a mega live event, Fortnite creators finally released it after a few hours...

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Dec 5 · >

China Claims that Limiting Gaming to 3 Hours a Week Has Shown a Positive Effects on Children

The country just last year imposed a rule that banned children from gaming more than 3 hours a week...

Nov 25 · >

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Breaks Franchise Records Sales Pass $1 Billion in 10 Days

Previously this record was held by Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which made $1 billion sales in 15...

Nov 8 · >

Saudi Arabia Plans to Invest $38 Billion in E-Sports

Over the last few years, Saudi Arabia has been able to step up as a prominent name in the...

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Oct 4 · >

Scammers Were Arrested By the FIA for Selling Fake PUBG Ids for a Significant Profit

Two scammers were caught by the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cybercrime Circle in Faisalabad after they made hundreds of...

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Sep 21 · >

When Is The Chapter 3 Of Fortnite Season 4 Going To be Released?

Fortnight fans fasten your seat belts because the release date of Fortnight chapter 3 has got confirmed. This battle...

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Sep 17 · >

Gaming Industry Has a Potential of Generating $400 Million for Pakistan Annually

Gaming over the last few years has slowly become a rewarding industry, which adds millions of dollars to the...

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Sep 1 · >

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Brings Price Cuts & 29% Speed Boost to High-End PCs

AMD unveiled its Ryzen 7000 series of CPUs for desktop PCs on Monday, offering a 29% performance increase over...

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Aug 30 · >

Some of the Best Stray Modes and how to Install Them

A couple of months ago, Annapurna Interactive launched their new game, Stray, on PC and PlayStation. The game is...

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Aug 5 · >