Relude is unheard but Angry Birds is a household name

If someone was to ask back in 2003 about a company by the name of Relude no one would...

Nov 17 ·>

What’s missing from an Entrepreneur’s Life?

Cinderella was not the only one running after her dream of a better life, it’s what all of us...

Nov 14 ·>

The Difference between a Good Developer & a Headache

They say “if you think hiring an expert is expensive, try hiring an amateur”. Time and again, small business...

Nov 13 ·>

NADRA should be given another responsibility

NADRA and Technology National Database and Registration Authority, more popularly known by its Urdu female familiar acronym (NADRA/ نادرا),...

Nov 9 ·>

Finding ROI in Design Thinking

This is our fourth feature of the Design Thinking Series. As a standalone product, the iPod was considered a...

Nov 9 ·>

Plan9 Lahore Launchpad – The Goods and The Bads

The finale of Plan9 Lahore Launchpad  in itself was impressive considering the kind of (not so appealing) environment Pakistan...

Nov 3 ·>

New plans with Plan9 this year

Plan9 has been thoroughly covered by The AppJuice this year. As a blend of IT and entrepreneurship it provides the...

Nov 2 ·>
Team_ Plan9 Incubator

Pakistani Startups – Potential Risks involved

Starting up your own business is a dream hundreds of people see everyday. But there are really just a...

Oct 12 ·>

What’s in your bag, Haris Nadeem?

What’s in your bag? is our new recurring feature where The AppJuice Team would be asking people to tell...

Haris Nadeem

Vacuum of Smartphone Banking in Pakistan

Smartphone Banking in Pakistan Recently going through StumbleUpon (a webpages discovery engine recommended by a friend of mine) I...

Oct 8 ·>

Can Olaround make it big?

Olaround helps you spot places & deals that you’ll love! Get rewarded for shopping at your favorite brands Celebrating...

Oct 3 ·>

Cyanogenmod leaves popular Smartphone Companies behind

CyanogenMod over Windows A few days ago, CyanogenMod team announced that they are now a complete mobile company this...

Sep 27 ·>

Breaking Barriers in Technology Phonebloks

Building and designing the perfect smartphone is nearly impossible because every year better processing chips, RAMS and camera lenses...

Sep 17 ·>