NUST researchers develop cheap coronavirus detection kits

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread at an alarming rate throughout Pakistan, appropriate reactionary measures become imperative. Along...

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Mar 17 · >

Airschool announces tools for experts to teach and make money online

A hybrid of Twitch and Masterclass, Airschool comes in very handy in the current situation when the world is...

Mar 16 · >

YouTube takes back their Coronavirus demonetization policy

A  while ago, YouTube enforced a non-monetization policy on any and all coronavirus-related content released on the website. They...

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Mar 16 · >

Twitter makes it compulsory for all employees to work from home as COVID-19 officially declared a pandemic

With a total of 118,000 cases of the Coronavirus declared in 114 countries, the World Health Organisation officially declared...

Mar 12 · >

What are the tools to help startups/companies work remotely during coronavirus outbreak

As the fatal Coronavirus takes over the whole world, Workers, as well as companies, are preferring remote working. Staying...

Mar 12 · >

Apple rumored to have cancelled their ‘rumored’ March event

Rumors of an alleged Apple event were leaked shortly after the latest, main Apple event held last September. This...

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Mar 11 · >

Samsung moves smartphone production to Vietnam amid coronavirus crisis

The smartphone giant Samsung Electronics has decided to shift a part of its smartphone production from South Korea to...

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Mar 10 · >

China launches ‘Close Contact Detector’ app for the Coronavirus

China has launched a new mobile application that lets people check their risk of catching the widely spreading Coronavirus....

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Feb 12 · >

Amazon pulls out of the Mobile World Congress due to Coronavirus concerns

The Mobile World Congress (MVC), all set to start on the 24th of this month is quickly losing many...

Feb 10 · >

Tesla’s stock prices fall as Coronavirus delays Model 3 shipments

Tesla’s market share prices took a dip of almost 18% this past Wednesday after the company announced the deliveries...

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Feb 7 · >

Facebook takes a firm action against misleading content about Coronavirus posted on its platform

On Thursday of last week, Facebook posted a statement regarding the removal of misinforming content posted on Facebook by...

Feb 3 · >

Chinese database drops paywall to help fight coronavirus

The scientific database run by Tsinghua University in China has decided to drop its paywall and provide content free...

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Feb 1 · >

How smartphones can help you in providing active knowledge of Coronavirus

The internet is swamping with the news of coronavirus these days. Most of us have an active knowledge of...

Jan 28 · >