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IT Industry of Pakistan is Exported $2.66 Billion In 2022

Over the last decade, Pakistan has emerged as one of the fastest-growing IT exporters in the world. It is...

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Jul 28 ·>
IT Industry

Pakistan Aiming To ‘Double IT Industry In Two Years Via Tech Zones’

With technology being the sole contributor to the country’s advancement, the government is aiming to improve the IT industry...

Jun 24 ·>

Pakistan aims to double its IT industry in two years with tech zones

With a youthful tech-savvy population and the world’s third-largest gig economy, Pakistan appears to be perfectly poised for the...

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Jun 24 ·>

Bangladesh gives new tax exemptions to its IT industry as Pakistan does the opposite

According to reports, Bangladesh has exempted 9 more ICT services from tax as part of its fourth Industrial Revolution...

Jun 3 ·>

“This is no way of doing things”, IT Minister strongly objects to FBR’s tax notices to the IT Industry

Despite earlier concerns by the IT minister, the IT industry at large, and repeated warnings that such measures are...

May 20 ·>

IT industry expresses strong concern over the newly proposed tax rules

IT & IT enabled Service sector has registered record exports growth despite the pandemic, with a 40 percent increase...

Mar 13 ·>

Web platform being launched to market Pakistan’s IT industry for foreign investors

The Federal Secretary of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MOITT) has directed the Pakistan Software Export Board...

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Jan 19 ·>

Pakistan’s IT industry is seeing rapid progress despite of COVID-19 pandemic: Syed Aminul Haque

Syed Aminul Haque, the Federal Minister for Information and Telecommunication, said that Pakistan’s Information and Technology industry had been...

Aug 20 ·>

IT industry will quote prices in dollars to foreign buyers

Local traders in the Information Technology industry have decided to quote prices in US dollars. They have decided to...

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Oct 4 ·>

Beyond tax holiday, these five major incentives will accelerate the growth of Pakistani IT industry

The IT sector of Pakistan is the fastest growing sector of the country’s economy. In the last five years,...

May 17 ·>

IT industry of Pakistan has grown by 150% in 5 years, Anusha Rehman

During the 38th meeting of the Board of Directors of Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) the Minister of State...

Apr 6 ·>

India’s IT industry laid off over 56,000 employees in 2017

India has been progressing with a firm footing in the digital ecosystem of the world, with its $160 billion...

Dec 28 ·>

IT Industry has contributed 98% to Pakistan’s economy by foreign exchange earnings, Anusha Rehman

Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom Anusha Rehman on Monday lead the 36th meeting of the Boards...

Oct 10 ·>
IT Minister, Anusha Rehman

TCS ECOM & Announces over 30 Job Placements in IT Industry

Pakistan’s leading logistics company TCS ECOM and its subsidiaries Yayvo & Sentiments Express have announced over 30 job openings...

Oct 2 ·>

Pakistan’s IT industry exports hit an all-time high

Pakistan’s IT exports have hit an all-time high in the outgoing financial year of 2016-2017. The country is witnessing...

Aug 15 ·>
Arfa Software Technology Park

The Internet of Things could revitalize Pakistan’s IT Industry

With countless applications both in the industrial and commercial sphere, IOT devices are becoming a go-to option for most...

Dec 19 ·>
Internet of Things

Pakistan shows strong interest in China’s IT Industry

With various advancements in the Pakistan’s IT industry, the officials now look forward to build new relations with the...

Nov 22 ·>

A look at how Arpatech is transforming Pakistani IT Industry

We keep on hearing about the ever-growing US Silicon Valley, or the newly booming Indian Bangalore industry, but what...

Oct 6 ·>

PITB Round Table Conference – Gathering Pakistan’s IT Industry

PITB’s first round table conference was held on 20th August in Lahore. Hosted by TechHub Connect, the event had...

Sep 1 ·>

Massive Layoffs in the Tech Industry this Year

As of July last month, job losses and hiring slowdowns were major discussions in the I.T. sector as inflation...

Aug 6 ·>

India Incorporates Artificial Intelligence Products in their Defense Industry

On 07/26/2022, the first ever ‘Artificial Intelligence in Defense’ exhibition was held in New Delhi. The event was organized...

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Jul 27 ·>

Amazon Makes Another Move in the Health Industry To Replace Your Doctor

Amazon recently announced that it is planning on buying ‘One Medical’, as a part of its expansion into the...

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Jul 23 ·>
One Medical

Google Nurturing the Gaming Industry in Pakistan

The digital revolution has given us the world of video gaming. It has become a highly consumed medium across...

Jun 30 ·>

Google launches Think Games & Gaming Growth Lab as part of latest, ongoing efforts to grow Pakistan’s gaming industry

Google today announced it has successfully launched Think Games, Pakistan’s first thought leadership and knowledge-sharing event for game developers,...

Jun 26 ·>