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App Annie ranked Facebook as the most downloaded app of the decade

According to a recent report by App Annie. Facebook and its messenger app stand out in the crowd and...

Dec 18 ·>

Facebook takes down 31 pages spreading false propaganda against Polio vaccine

On the request of Government of Pakistan, Facebook has blocked 31 pages which were circulating false information against the...

Aug 28 ·>

Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp media is down

Nope. It is not your internet. It is Facebook servers which are down. If you have used WhatsApp, Facebook...

Jul 3 ·>

Facebook starts crackdown on fraud miracle cures, fake health news on its platform

The social media giant Facebook has said that it is going to start a crackdown against all sensational health...

Jul 3 ·>

Telegram gained 3 million new users in an hour when Facebook was down ?

Facebook and Instagram went globally down yesterday and Telegram gained the advantage of the situation. Telegram is a free...

Mar 14 ·>

Facebook took to Twitter to announce it was down, and people couldn’t ignore the irony

Yesterday, the Facebook platform itself and its photo-sharing platform Instagram was down, well, for more than an hour. Since...

Mar 14 ·>

Facebook fails to impress teens, shuts down ‘LOL’ meme platform

Facebook’s most recent attempt to attract teens via a meme platform failed miserably, as latest reports confirm that Facebook...

Feb 9 ·>

Facebook is cracking down on fake news with harsher penalties

Facebook is changing the way it handles and communicates violations of the content guidelines and policy around the publishing...

Jan 24 ·>

Here are 7 reasons why we think Facebook’s downfall has begun

There is an old saying, every rise has a fall and it looks like that Facebook might be the...

Dec 26 ·>

Facebook and Instagram are down

The world’s largest social media platform, Facebook is down. Facebook-owned enterprise Instagram, which is the largest image-sharing platform of...

Nov 20 ·>

Facebook is launching downvote button for a wider audience

Facebook has started testing the ‘downvote’ button with a wider range of audience. Initially, the feature was available for...

Jul 28 ·>

Facebook shuts down its Aquila drone project

Facebook started developing a solar-powered drone four years back. The drone’s main purpose was to provide internet access in...

Jun 27 ·>

Cambridge Analytica shuts down after Facebook scandal

Cambridge Analytica has shut down following allegations about its misuse of Facebook data and the campaign strategies it pitched...

May 3 ·>

This is how you can download Instagram content offline, thanks to Facebook

Instagram, the Facebook-owned company just copied the most criticised feature of Facebook. Instagram gives users the ability to download...

Apr 25 ·>

Acting CEO of culprit firm behind Facebook’s data breach is also stepping down

Looks like no one wants to bear the burden of being called the head of the most controversial data...

Apr 12 ·>

Facebook shuts down searching people by phone number and email

Facebook has been going through a quite tough time due to the whole Cambridge Analytica case. Since then, the...

Apr 5 ·>

Facebook takes down over 250 accounts and pages in a crackdown against Russian fake ring

In a crackdown against Russian misinformation agency that interfered in the 2016 US elections, Facebook has taken down 70...

Apr 4 ·>

Facebook is (partially) down

Facebook pages notifications and the Pages Manager application is down for more than an hour and is inaccessible to...

Apr 3 ·>

Facebook tests “downvote” feature for public posts

If you had lost hope that Facebook will ever be introducing a downvote button, there is a surprise for...

Feb 9 ·>

Facebook to shut down its personal assistant “M”

Facebook is going to shut down its personal assistant “M” services on January 19. “M” services are the text-based...

Jan 10 ·>

Coinbase beats Facebook & YouTube to become the most downloaded app on iOS

As the Bitcoin’s price continues to surge trading close to $15,000, Coinbase has successfully secured the top position in...

Dec 8 ·>

Facebook to downgrade low “quality websites”

Social media giant Facebook has announced that the company is updating its ranking algorithm with the help of AI...

May 11 ·>
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Facebook has taken down 85% of the blasphemous content, Interior Ministry Pakistan

During the court hearing today, the Interior Ministry told Islamabad High Court (IHC) that Facebook has taken down 85...

Mar 27 ·>

10 Funny Reactions to Facebook Being Down

Facebook was down for 40 minutes all over the world. Naturally, order was thrown into chaos and everyone saw...

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