Ignite Technology Fund launched a National education challenge 2020

Naima Rabbie • June 22, 2020

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi advice the government to use modern Technology in policy making

Naima Rabbie • June 16, 2020

Huawei owns the most patents on next-generation 5G technology

Press Release • June 10, 2020

LUMS SDSB Launches a New MS Programme in Technology Management & Entrepreneurship

TechJuice • April 18, 2020
Changan Automobiles techjuice

Changan Automobiles introduced the ‘protective cars technology’ in its product ranges

Press Release • April 15, 2020

London Police is deploying facial recognition technology for surveillance

Naima Rabbie • January 29, 2020

Saarey Music disrupting the classic music industry with technology

Faisal Ashfaq • January 17, 2020

Government of Pakistan to equip with the latest technology to combat Dengue

Naima Rabbie • December 26, 2019

IBM’s new battery technology is both better and more sustainable than lithium ion

Taha Abdullah • December 22, 2019

PM Imran Khan inaugurates National Science and Technology Park

Taha Abdullah • December 10, 2019

OPPO to showcases technology vision at the inaugural OPPO INNO DAY

Press Release • December 6, 2019

Airlift signs MoU with Ministry of Science and Technology to bring electric vehicles to Pakistan

Shaheryar Ehsan • November 20, 2019

SECP’s startup portal encourages technology innovation in Pakistan

AbuBakar • November 6, 2019

Pakistan to get China’s help in assistive technology for disabled people

AbuBakar • October 11, 2019

JPP connects legal fraternity at Technology for Justice Forum

Press Release • October 2, 2019

A technology-wiping solar storm is expected soon

Hamza Zakir • September 27, 2019

Technology is the Best Chance to Recover Pakistan’s Loss Sustained in Socio-economic Development

Press Release • September 26, 2019

Project Am’aan – A way forward for Pakistan and AI technology

AbuBakar • September 20, 2019

Huawei CEO offers to license 5G technology to US companies

Hamza Zakir • September 13, 2019

Engro showcases technology used in its dairy plant at Sahiwal

Shehryar Ahmed • August 1, 2019

Startups can now apply for tenancy in Pakistan’s first National Science and Technology Park (NSTP)

Shaheryar Ehsan • July 23, 2019