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Ethereum makes another big leap in just 10 days

In recent news, Ethereum (ETH) has made another all-time prominent jump in the crypto world in just 10 days...

Nov 3 ·>
buying ethereum via credit card

Bitcoin and ethereum prices ‘seem high’: Elon Musk

Billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk said on Saturday that the price of Bitcoin and ethereum seemed...

Feb 22 ·>

Crypto thieves pull off Ethereum heist worth $49 million

Upbit, a South Korean crypto exchange, has confirmed that 342,000 Ethereum coins have been stolen from its crypto wallet...

Nov 29 ·>

Bitcoin loses 40% of its value, Ripple and Ethereum also suffers

Last weekend, Bitcoin took a deep plunge by 40 percent – its worst value drop since April 2013, bringing...

Nov 26 ·>

Co-founder of Ethereum to create his own luxurious office and $21M Penthouse

CEO and Founder of Decentral & Jaxx, a leading blockchain startup in Canada, and Co-founder of the world’s second...

Jun 25 ·>

Ethereum sparked to 100M in supply: Ethereum Co-founder’s miscalculation

Ethereum’s supply has greatly increased to 100 million which means nearly 10 million Ethereum is in circulation in the...

Jun 13 ·>

Ethereum Classic goes higher than Ripple and other cryptocurrencies in Coinbase listings

Another cryptocurrency, Ethereum Classic (ETC), spiked 25 percent on Tuesday, 12th June due to Coinbase’s announcement to list it...

Jun 13 ·>

Ethereum declared top blockchain network, Bitcoin at No. 13 in China’s new index

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has recently revealed its public blockchain ratings, ranking various blockchain projects like...

May 19 ·>

Future spacecraft could think for themselves using the Blockchain technology that powers Ethereum

A $330,000 NASA autonomous spacecraft will be able to make decisions without human intervention by using blockchain technology. This...

Apr 19 ·>

No transaction fee for trading Bitcoin/Ethereum with this app

Robinhood to the rescue! The dark world of cryptocurrencies, where Coinbase and other popular crypto exchanges charge 1.5% to...

Jan 26 ·>

How to buy Ethereum in Pakistan

Many people in Pakistan are interested in buying altcoins especially the top coins including Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, IOTA, Litecoin...

Jan 2 ·>
A guide on how to buy ethereum in pakistan

How to buy Ethereum using credit card

Today, we will see how to buy Ethereum (ETH) using credit/debit card. Coinmama is the exchange that offers this...

Dec 30 ·>
buying ethereum via credit card

Bitcoin will pass cryptocurrency crown to Ethereum in 2018

If you were thinking that Bitcoin will continue to rule for a long time, you might be wrong. The...

Dec 28 ·>

Coinbase halts Litecoin & Ethereum trading as prices massively fluctuate

In the past few months, we have heard more about Bitcoin. The alternative coins almost 800 in number are...

Dec 13 ·>

People are spending crazy money for breeding virtual cats on Ethereum Blockchain

Over $2.3 million has been spent up til now. Welcome to the internet of 2017 where people are willing...

Dec 4 ·>

$280 million worth of Ethereum locked up due to a user’s mistake

An estimated $280 million worth of cryptocurrency Ethereum has been locked up after a user accidentally deleted the code...

Nov 8 ·>
buying ethereum via credit card

This high-tech heater can also mine Ethereum for you

Comino ─ a Russian cryptocurrency startup has introduced a high-tech solution which is aimed for both i.e immobilizing recession...

Oct 13 ·>
Comino ─ a Russian cryptocurrency startup has developed a device to mine Ethereum and it also works as a heater. Very good in cold weather.

What is Ethereum?

We have previously covered cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on this site. These currencies, by making use of blockchain infrastructure, try...

Sep 8 ·>
A guide on how to buy ethereum in pakistan

Ethereum Price Surges after Hard Fork Announcement

Ethereum reached a two-month high on Monday, by trading around $330. There was also an immense increase in trading...

Aug 22 ·>

Hacker steals $7 million of Ethereum in three minutes

During a launch event, a hacker, after hacking into a cryptocurrency platform’s website, was able to steal $7.4 million...

Jul 18 ·>

Bitcoin’s value drops below $60,000 after 10 days

In recent news, Bitcoin (BTC) value has dropped below $60,000 once again after reaching $67,000 and above just a...

Oct 27 ·>

NFTs explained

For quite a while there has been this boom regarding a certain term called ‘NFT’ and you may have...

Sep 13 ·>

“Friendship ended with Mudasir” meme auctioned off for Rs86 lakh

As a Pakistani netizen, this is probably the earliest meme you can recall. You might even remember laughing at...

Aug 2 ·>

Amazon Close To Adopting A Large Scale Of Cryptocurrencies As Bitcoin Adds $114 Billion To Market

According to a source within Amazon, the company is nearly ready to accept Bitcoin as the source of payment...

Jul 27 ·>