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What is Ethereum?

We have previously covered cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on this site. These currencies, by making use of blockchain infrastructure, try...

Sep 8 · >

Ethereum Price Surges after Hard Fork Announcement

Ethereum reached a two-month high on Monday, by trading around $330. There was also an immense increase in trading...

Aug 22 · >

Hacker steals $7 million of Ethereum in three minutes

During a launch event, a hacker, after hacking into a cryptocurrency platform’s website, was able to steal $7.4 million...

Jul 18 · >

You Can Now Tour The British Museum Inside The Metaverse

Partnering up with metaverse game, ‘The Sandbox’, the British Museum has created its “own immersive space” inside the game,...

Jul 31 · >

5 Cryptocurrencies Under $0.10 To Buy Next Week

The cryptocurrency market has boomed in the last few years, and people are switching to digital trading. Specific Cryptocurrencies...

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Jul 21 · >

SBP’s Stance On Disallowing Cryptocurrency Trading Remains Same In Pakistan

The State Bank of Pakistan remains firm in its decision to prohibit cryptocurrency exchange in Pakistan. Despite the increasing...

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Jul 18 · >

AI Might Replace Programmers in 5 Years: Says Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque

During his interview, the Stability AI CEO Mostaque also claimed that by the end of next year people will...

Jul 7 · >

Hong Kong Emerges as a Key Player in the Regional Cryptocurrency Landscape

Hong Kong has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the regional cryptocurrency sector through strategic measures. With a long...

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Jun 27 · >

Best 5 Cryptocurrencies For Investment In 2023

Since the launch of AI, it has become very popular everywhere.AI has brought many innovative and creative ways to...

May 26 · >

Potential Of Cryptocurrencies To Accelerate E-Commerce Growth In Pakistan

According to the analysis, Pakistan e-commerce market is growing very rapidly from 2020. The market size reached $2.1 billion...

May 1 · >

Intel Ends Production for its Bitcoin Mining Chip Series

Launched just around a year ago, these chips were specially designed for mining and gained some fame amongst large...

Apr 19 · >

Top 10 Metaverse Coins To Purchase In 2023

In the last few years, cryptocurrency has become very common and famous among every individual. People from every field...

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Apr 5 · >

Over 40% Singaporeans Own Crypto:Survey Shows

Singapore: Cryptocurrency adoption in Singapore has reached higher levels since 2021. The rise of the digital world has taken...

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Apr 3 · >

Top 10 Secure And Private Cryptocurrencies In 2023

2023 is a year of digital technology, whether about robots or currencies. Secure and private transactions build a strong...

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Mar 28 · >

Crypto Price Today Live: Bitcoin Above $24,900

Wednesday: The market cap Bitcoin, the world’s largest crypto currency is around $24,900. Bitcoin’ s dominance is currently 43.68%,...

Mar 15 · >

Most Crypto Experts Claim That Bitcoin Can Reach $30,000 This Year

The founder of Skybridge, Antony Scaramucci named 2023 a “recovery year” for Bitcoin and believes that in two to...

Mar 2 · >

Predictions Of Bitcoin Price Rally Have Created An Absolute Chaos In The Crypto World

Crypto World is full of rumors and predictions and to be honest, most of them are nothing but bullish...

Jan 18 · >

Iran And Russia To Launch A Joint Stablecoin Backed by Gold

Russian media outlet Vedomosti has reported that the Russian government is looking to collaborate with Iran’s central bank to...

Jan 17 · >

Coinbase Lays Off 20% of its Employees as Crypto Winter Continues

According to estimates, around 950 employees are laid off from Coinbase, In an another layoff round back in June...

Jan 11 · >

Twitter Search Results Will Now Display Stock and Crypto Prices

All Twitter users need inorder to view stock prices is to search the relevant crypto or stock ticker with...

Dec 23 · >

Twitter Is Planning On Making Users Share Their Personal Information with Advertising Companies

Twitter is trying to come up with plans to force some users to agree to data sharing or lose...

Dec 15 · >

Web3 EdTech Platform, Metaschool, Grows to 120K Developers in Just 11 Months

Today, Metaschool, a leading web3 edtech platform for developers, announced that it has reached 120,000 registered developers in just...

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Dec 14 · >

Bitcoin Nears $17.3K:Will It Stay For A Longer Time?

According to the market capitalization, the largest crypto currency bitcoin was trading near 17,300, a 2% gain over the...

Dec 5 · >

Waqar Zaka Earns Over $7,800 With Bitcoin On Live Video

Waqar Zaka, a famous host, activist and cryptocurrency expert, made a stunning prediction on a live video stream that...

Nov 16 · >