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ChatGPT Scams Are Infiltrating Apple’s App Store And Google Play

Any significant global trend or event, from the Coronavirus pandemic to the cryptocurrency craze, will be quickly used as...

May 18 · >

Microsoft to Launch its Own App Store on iOS Devices

Its suggested that Microsoft can launch its iOS app store by 2024, as the European Union’s Digital Markets Act...

Mar 21 · >

Elon Musk,An Apple Hater:Raises The Price Of Twitter Blue For iPhone Users And Cheaper For Others

Elon Musk, chief of Tesla had called App store 30% fee a “tax on the internet” Twitter Blue subscription...

Dec 12 · >

Apple’s Kid Games On The App Store Turned Out To Be A Secret Gambling Den

In recent news, a developer named Kosta Eleftheriou discovered that a game called ‘Jungle Runner 2k21’ made for kids...

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Apr 16 · >

Google Play Store has triple the number of downloads as the Apple App Store for Q3 2020

The ongoing global pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus has forced many changes in the lives of almost everyone in...

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Oct 16 · >

App makers protest against the App Store with new ‘Coalition for App Fairness’

Quite a bunch of top app makers have joined forces to fight against Apple’s control of the App Store,...

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Sep 25 · >

Apple takes thousands of apps off the Chinese App Store

Apple has taken more than 30,000 applications off the Chinese App Store, according to the Qimai Research Institute. The...

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Aug 3 · >

Apple sued over loot boxes found in their gaming applications

On Friday, the 12th of June, the American tech giants, Apple, were hit with a potential class action lawsuit...

Jun 15 · >

Apple and Google killed three dating apps from their stores to prevent child sexual abuse

Google and Apple have just pulled out three dating apps from their respective stores. The apps didn’t block kids...

May 7 · >

Apple’s App store beats Google Play Store in revenue by miles

Apple’s App Store’s revenue is twice the revenue of the Google Play Store, a research by app-analytics firm Sensor...

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Jul 17 · >

Fortnite makes over $100 million in revenue within 90 days on iOS

Fortnite remains in-trend even a year after its release. It is basically a free-to-play on all platforms such as...

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Jun 20 · >

Apple bans Developers from sharing user’s information

Apple has banned App developers from sharing and selling its user’s data and personal information to third-party apps without...

Jun 13 · >