WhatsApp will soon launch In App YouTube playback for videos

WhatsApp updates its platform every now and then, enabling the users to use the platform with much ease. The...

Jul 17 ·>
Facebook to integrate WhatsApp functionality, rumours say

YouTube adds Video Thumbnail Previews on Desktop

YouTube has finally added the thumbnail previews on its desktop website. The new feature is a great way to...

Jul 17 ·>

Gangnam Style is no more the most played YouTube video of all time

Gangnam Style remained the most played YouTube video of all time for the last 5 years. But this is...

Jul 12 ·>
Gangnam Style

YouTube revises its approach against the extremist content

YouTube has outlined four major steps that it will be taking to ensure that extremist content does not see...

Jun 19 ·>

YouTube to let more people live stream from phone

Tech wizard Google has, in its latest move, allowed YouTubers with 1,000 subscribers to live-stream from their mobile according...

May 18 ·>

Now you can share pics on Instagram without the app

Instagram, to pursue global growth, has given its mobile website a massive upgrade by adding core features of the...

May 9 ·>

Sneak peek at YouTube’s new look

World’s biggest video portal YouTube is going to revamp its website and has released a preview of new user...

May 4 ·>

With 1,000 YouTube Subscribers, You Can Stream Content Live on Your Phone

Google introduced the ability to stream content live to their channels back in February. However, one had to have...

Apr 18 ·>

No Ads for YouTube channels under 10,000 views

YouTube will not allow ads for channels with under 10,000 views in total. This latest decision comes to curb...

Apr 7 ·>

YouTube is finally putting an end to unskippable 30-second ads

Google has announced that it will end unskippable 30-second ads that appear before a YouTube video, in 2018. All...

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Feb 18 ·>

YouTube now lets you Go Live from phone and make money

YouTube is offering a mobile live streaming feature to every creator with more than 10,000 subscribers along with ‘Super...

Feb 8 ·>

YouTube officially launches its partner program for Pakistani creators

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Google considers Pakistan an important market for its YouTube platform....

Sep 29 ·>

Google announces YouTube Go — a YouTube app for emerging markets

A few days ago we reported that Google enabled offline video playback for YouTube users in Pakistan. It was...

Sep 27 ·>