5 computer science courses you should do from edx this summer

Every now and then we get ourselves enrolled into online courses that we never finish due to academic pressures...

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This new startup has named their product as The Poondi App

We are constantly promoting Pakistani startups and recently we came across a very unusual name, one that had us...

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Poondi Application

The top 5 smartphones that you can buy under 40000 PKR

This is the 4th edition of the TechJuice smartphone buying guide. Previously, we have covered the list of the...

Mar 29 ·>
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How I had to wait 60 thousand minutes to unlock my Lumia smartphone

The popular Lumia smartphone series by Microsoft came out in 2011. The flag bearer for the Windows mobile platform...

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WorldCup T20 Cricket – Pakistan Vs India – How Data Science Can Help?

Have you ever heard of Money Ball? Or Nate Silver who runs FiveThirtyEight? I was wondering if I can...

Mar 19 ·>

The battle of the Android flagships 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Xiaomi Mi 5 vs. LG G5 vs. Sony Xperia X Performance

MWC 2016 kicked off on the 27th February 2016 and it left us with an amazing set of smartphones...

Mar 15 ·>
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8 things you should never say to a Programmer

pro·gram·mer (n) An organism capable of converting caffeine into code. If you have ever met a programmer, you know...

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Here are the 15 Slack Integrations and Channels you will love

Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, tried his hand at a gaming startup. Twice. The massively multiplayer online games that...

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My thoughts on Rozee.pk recent brand relaunch

Before I jump onto what I like or dislike about the design, this by no means should be considered...

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How Coffee bars can increase creativity in Pakistan workplaces

There are two kinds of people in the world; those that drink coffee, and those that do not. If...

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5 laptops that you can buy under 150K easily in Pakistan

Disclaimer: These laptops have been chosen according to their availability and pricing in Pakistan. As with the previous lists,...

Feb 22 ·>
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What Pakistani ecommerce stores are doing wrong in their online sales

Over the last three months, majority of Pakistan’s online stores have held more than 1 major sale event and...

Feb 15 ·>
Daraz Black Friday

5 laptops that you can buy under 100K easily in Pakistan

Previously, we listed the top 5 laptops that you can buy under 50K. Today, we’re moving on towards the...

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