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Breaking: Huawei allowed to do business with US companies again

President Trump in a news conference said he’ll allow US firms to do business and allow the selling of...

Jun 29 · >

Huawei shipped 10 million P30 series devices in just 85 days

The Chinese tech giant Huawei has made a 3-month sales record by shipping 10 million devices of its P30...

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Jun 28 · >

Apple to expand iPhone production to take advantage of US-Huawei trade ban

Just last week we reported that Apple is going to shift its scalable production from China to other Asian...

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Jun 28 · >

Google is set to lose over 700 million users if Huawei leaves Android

The epic saga of the US-China trade war continues, with both sides having dealt heavy blows already; the USA...

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Jun 27 · >

Huawei founder says US ban will cost them $30 billion for the next 2 years

Huawei is finding itself in a tight spot with the U.S ban. While efforts are underway to rebound from...

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Jun 18 · >

US ban on Huawei will not affect China-Pakistan projects: Chairman CPEC

While the US has blacklisted the telecom giant Huawei amid its trade war with China, many tech savvies are...

Jun 17 · >

Huawei is also testing a Russian OS to replace Android in upcoming devices, report

The time is running for Huawei and after two months, it will be officially blocked from installing Google’s software...

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Jun 14 · >

Huawei asks US telecom giant to pay $1 billion for over 230 of its patents, reports

Huawei is reportedly asking Verizon to pay more than $1 billion in terms of patent licensing fees for several...

Jun 13 · >

White House office requests another 2-year delay on Huawei ban, WSJ reports

We know that the US had offered temporary relief to Huawei by lifting the ban for 90 days and...

Jun 13 · >

Banning Huawei threatens US National Security, says Google

Google has reportedly warned the Trump administration that banning Huawei will not bode well for US national security, as...

Jun 10 · >

Facebook just banned Huawei from pre-installing its apps

As per the latest report by Reuters, Facebook will not allow pre-installation its apps which includes Instagram and WhatsApp...

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Jun 8 · >

Huawei may sell its 51% stake from sub-marine cable business

The Chinese technology giant Huawei is planning to sell its 51% shares in an undersea telecommunications cable business named...

Jun 3 · >

Huawei asks US court to dismiss the US ban

The Chinese tech giant Huawei which is facing a tough time at the present is not in the mood...

May 29 · >

Nokia could benefit from Huawei’s restrictions in US, CEO HMD Global

Nokia could benefit from a US crackdown on Chinese rival Huawei, as the race to release 5G services is...

May 23 · >

US lifts ban on Huawei, offering temporary relief

The US Commerce Department has temporarily lifted the ban on the Chinese technology company Huawei, allowing the tech giant...

May 21 · >

How Huawei business ban by Google will impact its smartphone users

Earlier today, we informed our readers that Google is ending some of its business with Huawei. The business constitutes...

May 20 · >

Huawei Mate 30 Pro specs just got leaked

We are still months away from the launch of one the most impressive phones of smartphone industry in 2019...

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May 8 · >

Huawei Airlink Cloud to bring a revolution in Media and Finance Industries of Pakistan

Airlink Communication and Huawei Technologies join hands for the Cloud Data Center in Pakistan. The landmark agreement was reached at...

Apr 30 · >

Huawei P30 Pro dethrones Galaxy S10 Plus to become the new DXOMARK camera king

In the latest DXOMARK camera ranking, Huawei’s P30 Pro just defeated Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus to receive the status...

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Mar 28 · >

Huawei has an alternative for Android, if things go sideways with the US

Huawei Technologies, which is the largest smartphone vendor in China says that it has developed its own operating system...

Mar 15 · >

Huawei sues the US government for banning its telecom equipment

This time, Huawei will either come out of its biggest suffering or it will get into more trouble. As...

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Mar 7 · >

Huawei founder, “There is no way US can crush us”

While Huawei continues to show signs of growth, many countries led by US have started to boycott Huawei. Earlier...

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Feb 20 · >

Huawei gets slapped with criminal charges by USA, CFO extradited

The US Department of Justice has announced criminal charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei. A grand jury in Seattle...

Jan 29 · >

US sanctions won’t stop Huawei from becoming top smartphone manufacturer, says Huawei CEO

Amidst a depressing worldwide slump in the global smartphone market, Huawei shines as a serious contender to reckon with....

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Jan 26 · >