Microsoft kills Kinect for Xbox One and Windows

Microsoft has decided to end production of its motion control camera sensor Kinect for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and...

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Oct 26 · >

Recent update in Nintendo Switch adds video capture and profile transfer features

The ultimate rival of Xbox and PlayStation in console supported gaming, Nintendo Switch has updated its software with some...

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Oct 19 · >

Top 6 Indie Games you need to download today!

We all love our usual AAA titles like Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed franchise...

Sep 29 · >

Acer to launch Predator Triton 700 gaming Notebook

Tech company Acer has announced that it will be launching its Predator Triton 700 Gaming Notebook soon. This new...

Jun 5 · >

Acer to release gaming Notebook

Tech company Acer has announced that it will be releasing its gaming Notebook soon and call it Nitro 5...

May 30 · >

Microsoft Scorpio 4K gaming console: Everything you need to know

Microsoft is going to revamp its already existing gaming consoles, the Xbox, with a newly-revealed 4K console codenamed as...

Apr 8 · >

17 year old Pakistani becomes 3rd highest earning gamer in the world

Sumail Hassan, a 17 year old Pakistani, has become third highest earning gamer in the world. His total earnings...

Feb 13 · >

Hackers storm PlayStation and Xbox 360 forums

About two popular gaming forums, the Xbox360ISO and the PlayStation forum PSPISO have allegedly come under a hacking attack,...

Feb 1 · >

Maverick On-Line Gaming Offers “Earn while you Play” for Pakistani Gamers!

Computers and gaming goes hand in hand. As long as we can remember our first experience with a computing...

Oct 24 · >