China’s rocket that fell was the third instance of Chinese space junk crashing in recent years

The 23-ton core stage of a Long March 5B booster crashed back to Earth Saturday night (May 8), concluding...

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US intelligence report accuses China of building destructive space weapons to “blind” US satellites

China is building destructive space weapons that will “blind” U.S. satellites, a new intelligence report has revealed. In an...

Apr 15 · >

Scientists aim to safeguard the DNA of all Earth life on the moon as a backup

Scientists want to store the DNA of 6.7 million of Earth’s species on a lunar ark as a backup...

Mar 22 · >

Scientists receive signals from the most distant corners of Space

Astronomers have discovered some of the most distant radio signals ever found. Reportedly, these signals traveled more than 13...

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Mar 9 · >

You could stay at the space hotel in 2027 if you save a couple of million dollars by then

In 2019, the California-based “Gateway Foundation” released plans to launch a floatable hotel above the Earth’s atmosphere. The futuristic...

Mar 4 · >

Space startup Gitai raises $17.1 M to accelerate commercial space through robotic workforce

A Japanese space startup called Gitai has recently raised $17.1 million in a funding round for a robotics-related startup....

Mar 1 · >

SpaceX launches record 143 satellites in groundbreaking rideshare mission

SpaceX has broken the record for the most number of satellites launched on a single rocket by sending a...

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Jan 25 · >

Hayabusa2 capsule containing asteroid samples opened for the first time

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has opened the sample capsule sent from it’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft containing dirt and rock...

Dec 16 · >

SpaceX to send three tourists into space next year

SpaceX, in collaboration with Axiom Space, is planning on sending three tourists on a trip to the International Space...

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Mar 6 · >

NASA selects startup Axiom Space to build first commercial habitat modules for ISS

NASA has chosen Axiom Space, a Houston-based space startup established in 2016, to build the first “private habitat” module...

Jan 28 · >

SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites, becomes the largest satellite operator

SpaceX has become the company operating the largest number of commercial satellites in the world following the successful launch...

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Jan 8 · >

World’s first space hotel designed to accommodate 400 people

The Express Foundation has released the design of the first commercial space hotel with the capacity to accommodate 400...

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