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Selected iPhone Users to Get Around $65 From Apple Over ‘Batterygate’ Scandal

According to details, all iPhone users who filed claims related to the slowdown of older iPhones before October 2020...

Aug 16 · >

Apple Is Increasing Prices For Battery Replacement Of Old Mobiles

Apple is going to raise prices for out-of-warranty battery replacements for its iPhones, iPods, and MacBooks from March 1,...

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Jan 4 · >

Apple will adopt low-power OLED displays for its battery-efficient ‘iPhone 13’

According to a new report, Apple will be adopting OLED displays with low-power LTPO backplane technology for at least...

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Nov 12 · >

Apple iPhone 12 teardown reveals 2,815 mAh battery and Qualcomm x55 5G modem

Apple iPhone 12 has been available for pre-order for more than a week now but it will officially be...

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Oct 22 · >

Apple introduces $129 wireless charging battery cases for the latest iPhones

Apple is focusing on new accessories for the latest iPhones in a bid to increase the hype and somehow...

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Jan 16 · >

Apple cites cheap battery replacement for poor iPhone sales

Apple has not been having a great time lately, after losing the most valuable company spot to Microsoft, Tim...

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Jan 5 · >

Apple to refund its users $50 who paid for battery replacement last year

Apple is refunding a $50 credit to iPhone users who paid for an out-of-warranty battery replacement devices between January...

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May 24 · >

Samsung’s new ad pokes fun at Apple’s battery issues

Samsung has once again trolled iPhone users in its recent Galaxy S9/S9+ ad over Apple’s older iPhones’ performance throttling...

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May 18 · >

Apple is offering free battery replacement for some MacBooks with battery flaw

Apple’s battery scandal has some new confessions to make. After facing heat on throttling older iPhones, now Apple has...

Apr 21 · >

Apple keeps on getting sued for battery scandal

Apple has been facing a lot of heat since the company admitted to slowing down iPhones via software to...

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Apr 6 · >

Apple releases iOS 11.3 with iPhone battery management, new AR features, and more

After testing the update in a beta program since January, Apple has launched iOS 11.3 today, bringing a lot...

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Mar 30 · >

Apple’s iPhone X has a weird battery problem while using wireless charging

Where most of the users actually like the Apple’s innovative feature, but iPhone X and iPhone 8’s wireless charging has...

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Mar 15 · >

Apple CEO: iPhone owners will be able to monitor the health of the battery

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the company will release an update for the users of iPhone that...

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Jan 18 · >

iPhone’s battery exploded at yet another Apple Store

Just yesterday we reported about an iPhone 6s Plus battery explosion at an Apple store in Zurich and we...

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Jan 11 · >

iPhone 6s Plus catches fire during battery replacement, Apple store evacuated

There has been a lot of news about older iPhones and their batteries issue since the past month. In...

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Jan 10 · >

Apple suggests replacing the battery of older iPhones even if they pass the test

Apple and its old iPhones with worn batteries have been a hot topic since last month. The Cupertino based...

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Jan 3 · >

Apple’s $29 battery replacement is live but it won’t help Pakistani iPhone users

After admitting to slowing down iPhones, Apple apologized and offered its users a $50 discount on battery replacement. The...

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Jan 1 · >

#BatteryGate: Is Apple’s apology enough?

Apple’s 2017 has been full of ups and downs. Starting from the spectacular sales revenue coming from the iPhone...

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Dec 30 · >

Apple apologizes for slowing down older iPhones, offers new battery in $29

Last week, Apple admitted that it has been reducing older iPhones’ performance with software updates. Afterwards, many iPhone consumers...

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Dec 29 · >

What Apple could have done to counter the battery issue

Apple has faced a lot of backlashes after it confirmed that they deliberately reduced the capacity and efficiency of...

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Dec 22 · >

Apple faces lawsuit over confirming that it reduces iPhone’s performance as the battery ages

Yesterday, Apple admitted that it has been reducing iPhone’s performance as the iPhones’ batteries get old and worn. The...

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Dec 22 · >

Apple admits that it reduces iPhone’s performance as the battery ages

Just recently, we told our readers about the new report by Geekbench founder, which indicated that Apple reduces the...

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Dec 21 · >

Apple starts investigation on possible battery failure in iPhone 8 Plus

Apple has started investigating cases of possible iPhone 8 Plus battery failures after at least two iPhone 8 Plus...

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Oct 2 · >

Apple Oficially Announces iPhone 15 Event ‘Wonderlust’: Save The Date

Apple, an iPhone company, finally unveiled the date to launch the iPhone 15. On Tuesday, Apple sent out invites...

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Aug 30 · >