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Facebook subtly threatens to charge iOS users unless they share data after Apple’s privacy policy

Apple has updated its privacy policy for iOS 14, which mandates app developers too. The social media giant Facebook had...

May 5 ·>

Over 533 million Facebook users’ personal data including phone numbers has been leaked online

In recent news, a user in a low-level hacking forum published phone numbers and other personal data which was...

Apr 5 ·>

Facebook’s major feature helps users to view and delete the third parties app data collection

On Tuesday, social media giant Facebook announced about adding a new feature in the app that would allow the...

Jan 29 ·>

Over 267 million Facebook users faced online data breach

Over 267 million active Facebook users’ information is leaked. The Comparitech’s report came forward by a cybersecurity researcher known...

Dec 23 ·>

Data of over 500 million Facebook users stored in Amazon’s cloud servers exposed

Facebook data of about 540 million users are exposed, containing passwords, account names, user IDs, comments and more. Researchers...

Apr 4 ·>

Facebook gave companies access to user’s personal data including their private messages

During the analysis of hundreds of internal Facebook documents, New York Times has discovered that Facebook gave more than...

Dec 19 ·>

Facebook considered selling user data to generate revenue

Facebook has stated it again and again that they do not sell user data. Mar Zuckerberg unequivocally told the...

Nov 29 ·>

Facebook is blocking hundreds of thousands of apps from accessing user data

Facebook has blocked all those apps from accessing user data that failed to submit their apps to social media...

Aug 1 ·>

Facebook faces lawsuit over collecting users’ data of text and call history

Facebook is having yet another legal headache — cause — it collected users’ personal data and sold it to...

May 25 ·>

Intimate details of 3 million Facebook users exposed in this new data leak

According to a report from New Scientist, researchers at the University of Cambridge uploaded user data from 3 million...

May 15 ·>

Facebook collects the data of non-facebook users as well, Mark Zuckerberg

On account of the Cambridge Analytica report, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made shocking revelations in front of a House...

Apr 16 ·>

WhatsApp asked to stop sharing user data with Facebook

Last year, WhatsApp made an addition to its terms of service. This addition stated that WhatsApp will be sharing...

Dec 19 ·>
Facebook to integrate WhatsApp functionality, rumours say

Facebook Saw 40% Increase in User Data Request from Government of Pakistan

According to the Global Government Requests Report, there has been an increase of 9 percent in the global government...

May 3 ·>
Global Government Requests Report

WhatsApp to share the user’s data with Facebook, here is how you can pull out (partially)

From today on wards, WhatsApp will be sharing the user’s data (including the phone number) with its parent company...

Aug 25 ·>
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Pakistan Government made 981 user account data requests to Facebook in year 2015

Facebook has released the second half of its report for 2015 on the requests for data it receives from...

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May 3 ·>
Facebook Government Data Requests

“NADRA’s data has been compromised, it has been hacked”: FIA official’s statement

Disclaimer: The following story, originally reported by Dawn, has since been “categorically denied” by the Federal Investigation Agency. You...

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Nov 26 ·>

Facebook Sales Partner Called ‘Dial Zero’ Mentions How They Aim To Accelerate Businesses In Pakistan

The industry is rapidly growing and as technology advances so do the method of how startups and businesses tend...

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Aug 16 ·>

Apple Is Giving Facebook A Run For Their Money Through New Social Features

With Apple introducing new social features for the iPhones and iPads, it seems like the company is invading Facebook’s...

Jun 10 ·>

Twitter urges users to enable ad tracking after Apple’s App Tracking Transparency rules

Following an app update, Twitter has begun asking users to enable ad tracking under Apple’s latest App Tracking Transparency...

May 16 ·>

Android Apps Share More Data To Third Parties Than iOS

According to a recent study by Me2B Alliance, Android applications share more data to third parties in comparison to...

May 7 ·>

Facebook dismisses 2nd Data Breach in 3 months as “regular activity”

Still reeling from a breach that impacted some 500 million Facebook users just two months ago, the social media...

Apr 26 ·>

Google deceived consumers over data collection: Australian regulator

Australia’s federal court found Alphabet’s Google misled some consumers about personal location data collected through Android mobile devices, the...

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Apr 17 ·>

Facebook’s ad algorithms still excluding women from seeing jobs, study reveals

According to the latest audit of its ad service, Facebook withholds certain job ads from women because of their...

Apr 13 ·>

iPhone Users Have Been Warned To Be Careful With WhatsApp Backups, iCloud Is More Secure

According to a popular WhatsApp update leaker in a recent tweet, WABetaInfo, iOS users are to be very careful...

Apr 12 ·>