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Launch Of YouTube Premium Is Positive Sign For Google In Pakistan

The introduction of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in Pakistan marks a significant step forward for Google as it...

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Aug 18 · >

Bank Of Ireland’s ATM Gave Gave Free Money Due to Unexpected Glitch (Video)

In an unexpected turn of events, a technical glitch at the Bank of Ireland has given rise to a...

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Aug 17 · >

You Can Now Play Netflix Games on PC and Other Devices

Containing games such as Relic Hunters and Asphalt Xtreme, the Netflix gaming library was previously only accessible through iOS...

Aug 15 · >

Nvidia Workbench Promises Generative AI Development Possible For Everyone

Nvidia AI workbench is an easy to use, unified tool kit that enable developers to quickly create, test and...

Aug 9 · >

Enjoy Free Live Streaming of Asia Cup 2023 on Tamasha

Having acquired exclusive free to air digital broadcasting rights for the Asia Cup 2023, Tamasha is your go-to streaming...

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Aug 7 · >

Government Issues Warning Against ‘Infected’ Google Play Apps

It has been reported that an Android Malware dubbed ‘Goldoson’ is badly affecting Google Pay Store’s/Android applications via the...

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Jul 4 · >

Artificial intelligence is Revolutionizing Music Creation By Making Artificial Music

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, not only are our music consumption habits being transformed, but the very process...

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Jun 16 · >

Pakistani Scientists Develop AI-Based Method for Accurate Assessment of Citrus Fruit Sweetness

A team of Pakistani scientists has achieved a significant scientific breakthrough by creating a novel artificial intelligence (AI)-based visual...

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May 31 · >

Sindh Governor House to Offer Free IT Training for 50,000 Youth, Aiming to Transform Karachi into an IT Hub

The Sindh Governor, Kamran Khan Tessori, has announced an ambitious initiative to provide free IT training courses to the...

May 25 · >

22 Of The Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions To Try

Since the launch of chatGPT, it ahs taken the world by storm. It has revolutionized the digital marketing landscape....

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May 24 · >

Twitter’s Bathroom Blunder: Elon Musk’s Request For Freedom Of Latrine Raised Protests

In a recent lawsuit that has brought forth a series of intriguing revelations about Twitter’s inner workings, an unexpected...

May 18 · >

Top 5 VPNs For Internet Privacy And Security:2023

Internet privacy and security is very essential to monitor whether we talk about offices, homes, or any educational institute....

May 3 · >

AI-Generated Song From Fake Drake And Weekend is Deleted From Streaming Services

A song featuring AI-generated vocals purporting to be Drake and the Weeknd has been pulled from streaming services by...

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Apr 19 · >

Top 10 Machine Learning Courses To Learn In 2023

In today’s fast-paced environment, machine learning has become very important and essential in the tech industry. Organizations worldwide are...

Apr 17 · >

New Spotify Technology Will Convert Radio Broadcasts into Podcasts

This new technology announced by Spotify will help traditional radio broadcasters to convert upload their content as podcasts thus...

Apr 14 · >

The ChatGPT Skill That Can Earn You Up to $335,000 A Year

Prompt engineering is a field that never existed before. Thanks to AI. To become a prompt engineer, you must...

Apr 13 · >

Unused Rooms Of Sindh Governor House To Be Used for IT Training of 50,000 Youngsters

Sindh Government have taken an initiative to encourage the youth of Sindh in gaining IT training and the Government...

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Apr 4 · >

Top 5 New Generation Programming Language In 2023

2023 is a year of innovation, creativity, and to excel a career in the tech field. Learning a programming...

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Mar 29 · >

Adobe Says It’s New ‘Firefly’ AI Image Generator:Doesn’t Steal Other People’s Art

Adobe introduced its new ‘Firefly’ image generator that takes art from its stock library and public domain. The main...

Mar 22 · >

Best Programming Languages For Software Developers In 2023

The tech industry is no doubt the growing field of the 21st century and the demand for developers and...

Jan 26 · >

10 Web Development Trends In 2023

Web development refers to website development. It is related to creating, building and maintaining websites and web applications that...

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Jan 26 · >

Top 10 Python Data Science Courses And boot Camp: You Should Take In 2023

Python is one of the popular languages of data science. It is one of the leading languages to stay...

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Jan 24 · >

Metric CTO’s Meteoric Rise In The Tech World

A woman CTO in an emerging tech market is pretty much unheard of – but Dr Habiba has never...

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Jan 18 · >

Amazon’s Strategy To Kill The Barcode

Emergence of Artificial Intelligence, Amazon plans to replace the barcodes with computer’s vision. Amazon is planning to install cameras...

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Dec 13 · >