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48,000 Students Got Digital Training Under e-Rozgar So Far

About 48,000 educated youngsters got digital training under e-Rozgar schemes and are earning livelihood amicably through the modern concept...

Nov 29 · >

China’s J-15 Carrier Jet Is Powered By Domestic Engines

On Wednesday, the media confirmed that a new innovative carrier-based fighter jet J-15 perfectly fits China’s domestically developed engines....

Nov 24 · >

5 Free Video Editing Software; Best Free Replacements for Premiere Pro

Videos are everywhere, and every good video needs a video editor to be great, let it be YouTube videos,...

Nov 11 · >

Crypto Prices Recovery Is Nowhere Near Yet; Crypto Winter Might Stay Forever

The cryptocurrency sector has faced all challenges on the book so far in 2022 and seems to have more...

Nov 3 · >

10 Websites So Useful, Knowing Them Feels Illegal

Struggling to remove a photo background on Photoshop or trying to apply complex excel formulas? Well, we know these...

Pakistan’s Digitalization Journey Faces Roadblocks Despite China’s Help

China has promised to enhance its cooperation for the ambitious Digital Silk Road (DSR) project but Pakistan’s low digital...

Oct 18 · >

Times Higher Education Ranks UMT 1st in Pakistan among Private Sector Universities

The latest report of Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023 has placed the University of Management and Technology...

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Oct 17 · >

How did Facebook a Social Networking Site Become a Success?

Currently, when the world is continuously advancing digitally, only a bunch of people do not use Facebook, a social...

Oct 8 · >

Meta’s Annual Marketing Summit is coming to Pakistan to help businesses get future-ready

Karachi, Pakistan – September 29, 2022: Meta is expanding its annual Marketing Summit on Thursday, 29 September 2022 to...

Sep 30 · >

9-Year-Old Girl Develops iOS Application; Gets Praised by Apple CEO Tim Cook

What do we generally expect from an average 9-year-old? Going to school, playing video games, or watching endless youtube...

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Sep 28 · >

The Top Movies On Netflix; September 2022

What is the best movie I can watch this weekend? This question always comes to our mind when we...

Sep 13 · >

Apple Unveils iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus: Latest Features and Specs

The popular 6.1-inch is joined by a new, bigger 6.7-inch model, which has a new dual-camera system, Crash Detection,...

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Sep 8 · >

11 Important Advice You Need To Take From Warren Buffett

Indeed, you might have heard about Warren Buffett as he is highly regarded as a successful investor and wealthy...

Sep 5 · >

YouTube TV Update will reportedly let users watch four channels at once

According to Protocol, YouTube TV, Google’s answer to cable TV, is working on a new feature that would allow...

Aug 24 · >

What Is Google TV? Is It A Replacement For Android TV, And What Are Its Perks?

The world came to know about Google TV back in 2020. While in 2021, also Google made some announcements...

Aug 22 · >

Free Chinese VPN exposed billions of users’ data

According to a Cybernews investigation, the Airplane Accelerates applications – whose Chinese version has over 3,000 ratings on the...

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Aug 19 · >

Lahore-based startup CarFirst ceases operations in Pakistan

CarFirst goes on to join the list of startup companies in Pakistan to announce the closure of its activities...

Aug 19 · >

Meta Invests in Singaporean Startup That Helps Merchants Sell via WhatsApp

Social Giant Meta acquired WhatsApp in 2014, at the time the application was merely used for messaging and voice...

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Aug 15 · >

PC Players Can Now Use Their Own Cat in Stray Game

Ever dreamt about your cat following all your commands and doing what you want it to do? Well a...

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Jul 28 · >

Audi, Siemens launch Pakistan’s first-ever ultra-rapid charging station for EVs

Electric vehicles getting charged at lightning-fast speeds? As incredible as that sounds, that is the purpose of the ultra-rapid...

Jun 15 · >

realme Leaps Ahead with the First-in-Segment Sony IMX766 OIS Sensor on realme 9 Pro+

Back with another exciting entry into the number series of smartphones, realme continues to thrive in its mission to...

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May 2 · >

realme Band 2: The Ultimate Lifestyle Companion for All Your Fitness Goals

realme is known for sitting on the cutting edge of the tech world, constantly introducing high-end premium features in...

Feb 14 · >

Mastercard Economics Institute: 2022 Economic Outlook Defined by Digital Resilience and a Return to the ‘Experience Economy’

Ahead of the pandemic’s second-year milestone, the Mastercard Economics Institute released today Economy 2022, a global outlook for the coming year...

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Dec 23 · >

How to delete all your photos from your iPhone or iPad much quicker

It’s a common fact that our images and videos taken and downloaded from our iPhone or iPad slowly accumulates...

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Sep 18 · >