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ChatGPT Scams Are Infiltrating Apple’s App Store And Google Play

Any significant global trend or event, from the Coronavirus pandemic to the cryptocurrency craze, will be quickly used as...

May 18 · >

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says that AI Will Make Scams Harder to Spot

Speaking in an interview, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that he believes all content created through AI should be...

May 9 · >

Beware Apple users: Don’t fall for this scam

A recent expose by Jennifer Jolly in USA Today has detailed scams that prey on elderly individuals who often...

Apr 16 · >

Two college students easily scammed Apple out of almost 1 million dollar in iPhone replacements

Two Chinese students studying in Oregon, the US, allegedly scammed Apple out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in...

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Apr 5 · >

SECP Join Hands With Google and Apple to Fight Against Illegal Loan Apps

Google, at the request of SECP has reviewed their policies and has now limited their platform to licensed digital...

Feb 21 · >

Apple’s Kid Games On The App Store Turned Out To Be A Secret Gambling Den

In recent news, a developer named Kosta Eleftheriou discovered that a game called ‘Jungle Runner 2k21’ made for kids...

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Apr 16 · >

Woman orders an iPhone 12 Pro Max and receives an apple-flavored yogurt instead

A recent incident occurred in China’s Anhui province where a woman paid more than $1,500 to buy the latest...

Mar 2 · >

Your stolen Apple ID login is worth PKR 1,700 on the dark web

Well, if you don’t care for your Apple ID, you should, because it has become the most valuable non-financial...

Mar 9 · >

Government Issues Warning Against ‘Infected’ Google Play Apps

It has been reported that an Android Malware dubbed ‘Goldoson’ is badly affecting Google Pay Store’s/Android applications via the...

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Jul 4 · >

AI Can Predict Pancreatic Cancer: Three Years Before Diagonosis

A new study shows that AI can detect pancreatic cancer up to three years earlier than a human doctor....

May 10 · >

Intel Announces Layoffs After Paying $1.5 Billion in Dividends

Despite experiencing a 36% annual drop in revenue and reporting a loss of four cents per share, Intel went...

May 9 · >

Women Allegedly Received MDH Masala Boxes After Ordering Oral-B Electric Toothbrush:Worth Rs12,000 (INR) From Amazon

A woman received four MDH Masala Boxes instead of a $12K Oral-B electric toothbrush. Customers have complained several times...

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Feb 15 · >

Amazon Delivered Fake Version Of iPhone 14 Pro Max To a Man In India

Akshaythunga, use Amazon India to order the newest model of iPhone 14 Pro Max, but after receiving the parcel,...

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Feb 13 · >

Do Smartphone Screens Really Harm Your Eyes?

Since 2010, smartphones have become the new necessity of life where humans need the concept of connectivity in their...

May 27 · >

15 year old from Karachi develops FF Meeting – an instant messaging Android app similar to Telegram

A 15-year-old grade 9 student hailing from Karachi – Syed Nabeel Haider, has developed an instant messaging app with...

Mar 5 · >

How UBL is combating Social Engineering through customer education campaigns

UBL is at the forefront of teaching customers how to remain safe in the online space and utilize their...

Sep 15 · >

Coinbase stopped transaction of over $200,000 during the twitter hack

Coinbase the cryptocurrency exchange base stated that it prevented about 1100 customers from transferring the Bitcoins to the hackers...

Jul 21 · >

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite’s battery capacity leaked ahead of official launch

As we are heading closer to the official launch of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10, the leaks and rumours mill...

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Jan 5 · >

Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps on Play Store

Google has recently updated its policy and banned several apps including cryptocurrency mining apps on Google Play Store. On...

Jul 27 · >

New iPhone X SE leak shows a phone trapped in iPhone SE’s body

A new render of iPhone SE‘s successor has surfaced and it appears that all our wishes for the smartphone...

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May 4 · >

iPhone with a triple-lens rear camera may arrive next year

Apple has just taken off the wraps from the cool red-colored iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus variants yesterday....

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Apr 10 · >

Malware posing as Super Mario Run is infecting devices

Attackers are taking advantage of the popularity of “Super Mario Run” to spread a malicious malware through fake Android...

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Jan 9 · >

Sony Smartphone attachable lenses

The rumors about Sony making smartphone attachable lenses have turned out to be true. The images of the revolutionary...

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Aug 13 · >