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Pakistan Has Started A Major Crackdown Against Electricity Theft

Pakistan has recently unveiled an ambitious plan to combat electricity theft and enhance revenue recovery, ultimately aiming to provide...

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Sep 7 · >

List of All the Electric Vehicles Options Available For Pakistani Customers

In recent times, there has been an upsurge in discussions about the merits of hybrid vehicles, and Electric Vehicles...

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Sep 5 · >

Electric Scooter Launched In UAE: Made In India

TVS Motor, a popular Indian motorcycle manufacturer has introduced its two-wheeler motorcycle in UAE: TVS, X. KN Radhakrishnan CEO...

Aug 28 · >

Customer-Centric Excellence: K-Electric’s WhatsApp Chat Takes the Lead

Customer interaction through various modes of communication has become integral for all service providers. The objective is to get...

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Aug 25 · >

Xiaomi Won The Approval To Manufacture Electric Vehicles

Xiaomi, a Chinese electronic company, won the approval to produce electric vehicles. According to two people who possess the...

Aug 24 · >

New Electric Bike And 3 Wheel Makers Are Bringing Two-Three Electric Wheel Bike In Pakistan

Chinese and Pakistani electric vehicle makers are planning to bring two and three-wheelers in Pakistan. The collaboration will bring...

Aug 21 · >

Google Maps Stops Showing Gas Stations to Electric Vehicle Owners

Google is now prioritizing the inclusion of electric vehicle-centric features for EV owners in both Google Maps and built-in...

Aug 18 · >

Pakistan Accelerates into the Global Electric Vehicle Boom, Riding the China Connection

Pakistan is leveraging the worldwide surge in Electric Vehicle (EV) popularity, capitalizing on data from the International Energy Agency...

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Aug 9 · >

Used Electric Car Prices Are Falling Faster:Why?

As we know EV vehicle market is growing very rapidly but at the same time,the resale value of the...

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Jul 31 · >

Toyota Unveils Groundbreaking Electric Vehicle Battery:10 Minute Charging Time And 900 Mile Range

Toyota, an automobile manufacturing company, has unveiled its plan to launch an electric vehicle battery technology that could revolutionize...

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Jul 24 · >

Scientists Develop Double Sided Solar Panel That Produces More Electricity

A two-sided perovskite panel achieves more than 90% of the efficiency of the front side. Scientists at the US...

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Jul 21 · >

Tesla Launches Solar Charging Feature to Lower Electricity Bills

Named ‘Charge on Solar’, the new feature will let Tesla owners charge their cars with excess electricity produced by...

Jul 19 · >

Nust’s Pioneering Pakistani Students Drive Innovation with Electric Cars

In a remarkable display of determination and ingenuity, students and faculty members at the Pakistan Navy Engineering College-National University...

May 23 · >

What Is Required For Pakistan to Adopt Electric Cars?

According to a report from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Pakistan needs to install 25,000 charging stations by 2030...

May 8 · >

At Auto Shanghai 2023, Honda Unveils Three Electric Vehicles

At Shanghai 2023, Honda Unveils three electric vehicles, e: NP2, e: NS2, and e: NSUV, e: NP1 and e:...

Apr 20 · >

An Electric Bike With Swappable Battery Coming In Pakistan:Magvus EV

ZYP Technologies, a Pakistani startup, plans to bring an electric bike with a swappable battery to Pakistan-Magvus. The new...

Apr 14 · >

The New Toyota C-HR Hybrid And Electric Both:A Bolder Vision

Toyota has launched its new hybrid plus electric car C-HR. Toyota C-HR is a bold, strikingly shaped car that...

Apr 10 · >

New Budget Friendly Electric Car By VolksWagen: Arriving Soon

Volkswagen is introducing its new electric car prices under 25,000 euros ($26,300) The latest models provide them with the...

Mar 16 · >

Karachi’s Electric Buses Are Not Enough To Reach the Air Pollution Control Promises

Electric Buses are operational in the biggest city of Pakistan for some months and so far thousands of passengers...

Mar 14 · >

Pakistan Army Will Be Using Solar Power To Generate Its Own Electricity

According to media reports citing sources from the alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), the Pakistan Army has purportedly decided...

Mar 6 · >

Metro Introduces T9 Electric Scooter In Pakistan

Pak Star Automobile(Pvt) Ltd is famous for its auto parts in Lahore, Pakistan. Pak Automobiles are known for making...

Feb 24 · >

Xiaomi Plans To Begin Mass Production Of Electric Vehicles

According to the latest reports, Xiaomi is experiencing trouble getting a manufacturing license for its electric vehicle project. As...

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Feb 17 · >

Women Allegedly Received MDH Masala Boxes After Ordering Oral-B Electric Toothbrush:Worth Rs12,000 (INR) From Amazon

A woman received four MDH Masala Boxes instead of a $12K Oral-B electric toothbrush. Customers have complained several times...

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Feb 15 · >

China’s Wind And Solar Power Is Equal To Domestic Residential Electricity Consumption

In recent years, China’s Wind and solar power generation have jumped to nearly domestic residential electricity. The relatively small...

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Feb 15 · >