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Major Internet Service Providers Goes Down Causing Connectivity Issues Across Pakistan

The Internet blackout in Pakistan began at 7 am toward the beginning of the prior day working hours, Major...

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Aug 19 ·>
Internet down - Pakistan

Indian Internet Service Providers speed up torrent downloads!

Torrenting, undeniably, is one of the most data consuming processes ever. By torrenting, people from all over the world,...

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Aug 29 ·>

Service providers in Pakistan make alternate arrangements for internet connectivity

In the aftermath of the massive disruption in internet services due to a fault in a significant submarine cable...

Feb 19 ·>

Here is Ookla’s List for the Fastest Internet Services in Pakistan

The report ranks all mobile phone and broadband internet service providers in terms of their internet speed, consistency and...

Jan 19 ·>
Best internet speed Pakistan

IT Ministry Blames Telecom Providers for Poor Network and Mobile Signals

The Ministry of IT and Telecom (MoITT) just made a statement regarding poor network and mobile services in Pakistan....

Dec 26 ·>
Telecom network issues

Internet Services in Pakistan Can Be Affected as State Bank Delays Equipment Import

Internet Service Providers wrote a letter to the Ministry of IT & Telecommunication discussing the importance of essential equipment...

Dec 5 ·>
Broadband internet Pakistan; Import embargo

Internet Problems Due To Submarine Cable Cut Have Been Resolved- PTCL

The internet of Pakistan continues to find ways to give headaches to users but luckily this time it was...

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Nov 30 ·>

Google Play Store services to be inaccessible in Pakistan from Dec 1 – 2022

Mobile clients will not have the option to get Google Play Store services beginning on December 1, 2022, after...

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Nov 26 ·>
Google play store

Submarine Cable Fault Slows Down Internet Speed In Pakistan

On Wednesday, some internet users had to face slow internet aftermath of the reports of a fault in SMW5,...

Nov 3 ·>

Afghan University Students Are Suffering From Low Quality Yet Expensive Internet

Afghanistan has suffered from the consequences of bad leadership and decisions from the Taliban Government for the past year...

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Sep 21 ·>

Hey Internet Users of Pakistan, Expect More Shark Internet Attacks in Coming Days

Over the last month, Pakistan’s internet services have been continuously experiencing small and large issues. Major internet service providers...

Aug 26 ·>
Shark PTCL

Ufone 4G services are being praised on international forums

Global analytics company, OpenSignal has praised the Pakistani 4G network provider company Ufone as the best network service in...

Aug 4 ·>

PTCL increases internet services pricing

PTCL, one of the most prominent internet service providers in Pakistan, has raised the prices for its services once...

Nov 26 ·>

One million schools mapped: UNICEF and ITU’s Giga initiative, with support from Ericsson, reaches milestone towards connecting every school to the internet

One year after Ericsson entered a global partnership with UNICEF to support the Giga Initiative’s school connectivity mapping efforts,...

Nov 1 ·>

Submarine cable cut disrupted the internet services in Pakistan overall

A faulty submarine cable was reported a few days ago near Fujairah, UAE which caused disruption in internet services...

Oct 12 ·>

Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir to acquire 4G internet services

In a potentially historic moment for the regions of Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority...

Oct 12 ·>

Here’s why your internet randomly stops working

This is an issue that has probably happened to nearly everyone who regularly uses the internet. You’re probably downloading/uploading...

Sep 23 ·>

PTCL partners with Dell Technologies to bring Microsoft Azure Stack Services to Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is collaborating with Dell Technologies to introduce the industry-first Azure Cloud Computing Services in...

Sep 16 ·>

Why Are Internet Upload Speeds So Slow?

If you’ve ever uploaded files especially high-end videos on your drive or social media you may have noticed that...

Jun 11 ·>

PTCL’s Flash Fiber said to deliver the fastest internet presently

PTCL has recently launched its Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) service called Flash Fiber which is claimed to be currently the ‘fastest...

Feb 23 ·>

Alert: Submarine cable cut affects Internet connectivity in Pakistan

Internet services were disrupted across Pakistan on Wednesday due to a fault in the SMW-5 -, a significant submarine...

Feb 18 ·>

Govt to improve internet services in Waziristan within ‘next four weeks’

With directives to the private mobile service providers to improve services in South Waziristan, the government is working to...

Feb 12 ·>

Internet services disrupted in Pakistan as major submarine cable goes offline

The submarine communication cable, termed as IMEWE, which oversees majority of the internet traffic in Pakistan has recently gone...

Feb 11 ·>

Govt actively monitored internet during lockdown: PTA

The year 2020 was memorable for loads of obvious reasons. It was the year that witnessed a meteoric rise...

Feb 2 ·>